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S.O.L Stone of Life EX EquipmentHere’s a list of S.O.L Stone of Life EX Equipment including weapons and armor with uses and what to expect for each. All class can use all weapons and armor though weapons are better suited for certain class because of their specific training skills. You must meet the level requirement to equip all armor and weapons.

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Equipment Rarities

Common (White) – Normal quality without any bonus, Easiest to have max slots.

Rare (Blue) – Can have up to 2 blue colored bonuses. Dropped by everyone, but mostly from bosses, big monsters, and towers. The best rarity you can find in shops.

Epic (Purple) – Can have up to 2 blue colored bonuses and 4 purple training buffs. Dropped by everyone, but mostly from bosses, big monsters, and towers.

Legend (Orange) – Can have extra white  bonuses like 50% more damage to Humans. Has 2-3 very good blue bonuses and can have both purple training and green skill buffs. Usually the strongest items you can find for your level and dropped from bosses, big enemies, and towers.

Set (Green) – When you have multiple equipped from the same set you will unlock the gray bonuses for extra buffs. Bonuses can be extreme giving you the upper hand in most battles. So far I have only found set items from towers and the last boss in dungeons as well as in the town portal dungeons.


It’s best to use the specific group of weapons for your class because of the training they will have to increase the weapon strength and to avoid penalties like no MP recover or no Power Attack. If your mostly a casting build you can equip 2 daggers for extra experience rune buffs. Can have up to 3 slots.

Daggers – Made for the Dual Blade class, but can be equipped by everyone. Can be dual wielded, but only with daggers. When dual wielded has the highest combined attack damage beating out two-handed weapons. Has the fastest attack speed and increases your movement speed more than any other weapon. Can be used to have more experience runes and can attack with multiple element types with one on each dagger. One disadvantage is the attack reach which is so small you’ll have a hard time breaking vases and reaching enemies until you unlock new attack styles.

Sword, Mace, and War Axe – These are one-handed weapons made for the Knight which let you equip a shield in your off-hand for extra defense and armor runes. Attack and movement speed are normal. Range is normal making it easy to fight groups.

Greatsword, Warhammer, and Battle Axe – These are all two-handed for the Berserker and have the highest attack damage of any single weapon. Has slow attack and movement speed. Very large swing radius making them ideal for fighting groups or things at a distance.

Staff and Wand – Made for the Arch Mage and has the lowest damage of any single weapon. Ranged so you can fight from a distance. Has normal attack and movement speed.


Grinding Dungeons close to your level is a great way to find good equitable items that are better than what shops sell.

Helmets – Increases defense slightly while having buffs for MP recovery. 2 slot max.

Armor – Increases defense more than any other piece of armor while having HP recover buffs. 3 slot max.

Gloves – Increases defense slightly while having SP for a shield to prevent damage to HP. 2 slot max.

Boots – Increases defense slightly while having SP for a shield to prevent damage to HP. 2 slot max.

Amulets – Always increases max HP and usually has an experience booster. 2 slot max.

Rings – Increases max MP and can have bonuses for extra gold. 2 slot max.

Shields – Raises defense the second most after armor. Has block rate buff that gives you a chance to block all damage. 3 slot max.

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    Ive been playing for a few days and have left this same question before, but how did I lose my shield barrier/ where can I find equipment that gives it back?? I probably sold something I shouldnt have but its still kind of annoying. Help me out? haha

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