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Stone-of-Life-Guide-Wiki-6Welcome to the S.O.L Stone of Life EX Guide Wiki! S.O.L Stone of Life EX is an RPG for Android and iOS with a freemium option letting you unlock everything with out real money and can be played offline. If you like Inotia and Zenonia type games for mobile than you’ll probably really enjoy this game. New areas are unlocked by completing the Main Quests which can be found on your world map. Updated regularly!

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Classes & Builds

S.O.L Stone of Life Dual Blade Guide Build S.O.L Stone of Life EX Knight Guide Build S.O.L Stone of Life EX Berserker Guide Build S.O.L Stone of Life EX Arch Mage Guide Build

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S.O.L Stone of Life EX Equipment

Set Items

S.O.L Stone of Life EX Set Items

Tips, Tricks, Hints

Achievements count across all save slots.

Ancient Leather Armor – You’ll need this to get 3 stars in Dungeon 3-11. It can be found just east of Graystone in a non breakable bucket by some wagons.

Arena – Completing arenas will get you the best items in the game and is the easiest place to find legend items, goddess tears, enchanting stones, upgrades stones, resurrection stones, boxes of another worlds, and other rare items. Exploit: To break your opponents shield that nulls magic damage and kill them fast, first cast a spell, then immediately rapid tap the attack button. Your physical attack should hit first reducing their shield to nothing letting your magic attack cause damage.

Auto Save – Your game will auto save when you buy and sell, deposit or remove things from your stash, completing dungeons, and entering certain locations on the map.

Elemental Resistance is capped at 80% so keep an eye on it to prevent wasting T.Skill points in Element Training.

Enemies Can Re-spawn in an area without you having to leave and come back. You should pause the game by entering the menu if you take a break for some reason or you might be dead when you come back.

Enemy Element Types – You can tell what element type an enemy is by both the color of it’s name and the circle around them. Red is fire, blue is water, brown is earth, and green is wind. Using the same element as the enemy will do very little damage.

Evading – Some monsters don’t really follow you directly, but will kind of head towards your last position. This can be use to evade attacks easier.

Farming Equipment – Each Dungeon Challenge Package will have the first few dungeons open without a requirement needed. These are good places to find rare, legend, and set item rarity equipment for your current level.

Farming Runes and Potions Early – You can find a lvl 5 Life (HP), Spirit (MP), and Gold (Gold/Exp) rune by activating the rune statue in the middle of Herbhill by your stash. This can be done an infinite amount of times by creating a new player, playing till you reach Herbhill, then taking the runes and putting them in your stash. While your at it you mise well farm your starting potions too, plus a lot of elemental runes will drop from enemies up until reaching Herbhill.

Fast Travel – You can use your world map to fast travel back to locations you’ve already found.

Fighting Through Walls – You can harm monsters through walls and obstacles, but the items they drop might disappear before you can picked them up. Lots of maps have places for enemies to get stuck on one side while you blast them from the other. This is a great tactic for tough bosses.

Hidden Items – Check bookcases and other object for treasure. Your attack button will turn blue indicating there is something you can interact with.

Hidden Symbols are found in Dungeon Challenge and look like trees etched in to the walls. When you get close to one your attack button will turn blue to show there is something to interact with. You’ll need to find all of them to get 3 stars and there always in the same place.

Legend Items – Usually have a Resist All Elements % bonus.

Re-Roll Quest Rewards – Save before getting a quest reward to re-roll quest items bonus stats upon reload from force close. Great for getting the best stats on those Legend Quest Rewards!

Re-Roll Store Inventories by simple exiting the store menu then talking to shopkeeper again. Can find normal and rares quality items only with slots.

Skill Bonuses On Items – Some items have skill bonuses that work for multiple classes. Example: A piece of armor increases 3 different skills, 1 for your class and 2 for another.

Skill Boost – You can save extra skill books for when you play a new class. Then when you start a new game you’ll have late game skills early.

Status Max’s - The max a stat can go with skills and equipment buffs:

R.Attack ?-?
L.Attack ?-?
Elements NA
Critical Rate 30%
Critical Damage +300%
Power Attack Step STEP 4
Defense ?
Physical Resist 85%
Block Rate 30%
Dodge Rate 30%
Water Resist 80%
Fire Resist 80%
Earth Resist 80%
Wind Resist 80%
HP Max ?
MP Max ?
Shield Max ?
HP Recovery 200
MP Recovery 50
Shield Recover ?
HP Stolen Per Hit ?
MP Stolen Per Hit ?
Increase Gold 300%
Increase EXP ?%

Trading Items Between Saves Slots – Your stash allows you to move items between your different save slots. It may be a good idea to start a save slot for each class so when you find Epic and Legend for other characters you can save it in their inventory. This can help you get better equipment when you want play another class. This is also great for storing items you don’t need right away and don’t have room for. Also, if you upgrade something heavily you can store if for someone else instead of selling it when you find something better.

Weapon Upgrades – Depending on what element type your weapon is the attack button in the bottom right corner will change accordingly. You will also get a colored circle around you to indicate this as well. You can only have 1 element type per weapon so fire and water won’t work.

Loading Screen Tips

- Roger in Graystone can reset your skill.
- James in Old Town can reset your Style.
- There are 4 elements Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind.
- Break boxes or pots to get items.
- You can get more scores if you accomplish the bonus missions in Dungeon Challenges.
- You can’t save your game data during Dungeon Challenges.
- Touch the golden lock in the dungeon menu to check the conditions for unlocking it.
- Huge and strong monsters have shield barriers (SP).
- When the Power Attack on the right bottom is shining you can use it.
- You can check the mission information during the Dungeon Challenge.
- You can fast travel with Waypoints or by selecting towns and locations on the world map.
- Are you a Knight? Being attacked fills your Power gauge.
- Are you a Berserker? You power gauge will fill over time.
- Are you a Archmage? Using magic attacks will fill your Power gauge.
- Spirit Runes increase MP absorption and recovery.
- Wind runes increase attack/resistance for wind.
- Gold Runes increase gold and exp acquisition.
- When you change your attack style your attack sequence is changed.
- If you have insufficient inventory space you can expand it with a bag of philosopher.
- The lock shown on the dungeon menu means it has not yet been discovered.
- Fire elemental monsters have red names.
- Water elemental monsters have blue names.
- You need and upgrade stone for upgrading weapons and equipment.
- If your inventory is not enough you can store items in your stash in towns.
- If you can’t use a skill it might be out of range.
- Enchanting Stones can be looted or purchased from the Gem Item Shop.
- Equip daggers in each hand to deliver two-hand attacks.
- You can forge 3 runes of the same class, but different types. The result will be a random rune with the same class.
- There are larger and strong monsters that better equipment!
- Each Blade has different specialty skills.
- Runes can add options to equipment.
- Weapons and armor can be upgraded or enchanted in the inventory menu.
- Items with question marks can be checked with an Identification Stone.
- Identical runes can be forged to make one of the next tier.
- You can get better rewards depending on the number of stars you get in a Dungeon Challenge.
- Increase the size of your rune bag with a Philosopher Rune.
- Set items are green with stronger options the more you collect.
- Blue items are rare with up to 2 options attached.
- Yellow items are Legend with the best options.
- Stash can share items between each save slot.
- Huge and strong elite monsters have purple names.
- You can buy Skill books at Herbhill, Graystone, and Old Town.
- Elemental monsters don’t receive damage from the same element.
- There are a total of 63 runes.

YouTube Videos

The monster in the above video is spawned from a daily event that tells you to visit a certain location on the map and catch a hidden monster.

Apk 1.1.7 Game File Download Unlimited Gems Coins.

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Check back in the near future as this S.O.L Stone of Life EX Guide Wiki Guide Wiki is being regularly updated.

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    how do you upgrade weapons i got the upgrade stones but dont know how please help


      Gotta make sure you have the item unequipped and a Upgrade Stone in your inventory, then go to your EQUIP tab and select Upgrade/Enchant on the bottom left.


    How do i remove items from the stash ? I want to throw away the items that i don’t need but i can’t. Please help me.
    and yeah the game is awesome.


      First, take the items out of your Stash, then from your Main inventory tab select the item and tap the Remove button. You can delete runes on the Rune tab. You can also sell items for gold, but not runes. Yeah, very fun game!


    Dodge rate is capped at 30%Wa


    im a dual blade player, and aiming to spend my T.Skill on Dagger Train, Sharpening, and Rapid Avoidance, its good if you could give some build tips (not only describe about the skill)


      You may get regenerate, then the dual blade skill which increases dodge and lastly the buff which reduces physical damage or the buff which adds defense. Get a weapon with additional human damage and get your weapon an element, preferably wind element since there’s a lot of water element monsters.

      For passive, increase your hp.

      Im lv 78 but I am doing quests at lv 110 because of my build. Both daggers I have are elemental with additional damage to human. Dodge is 45%, crit rate is 30%, crit dam is 300% each hand dam is around 1,100.

      HP is 11k +, MP is 400+, magic (ice bolt crit damage reaches 15,000 damage each bolt if all crit I’ll have around 45k damage)

      Most items are set items except for accessories I think. Amazingly, I can farm without using potions with lv 80-90 enemies.


    just found out that health recover is no longer capped at 100 :D


    Is there an easier way to get gems?


    How can I get more power on a spell?


      Level 10 is the max even with equipment buffs. The only class that can raise spell power is the Arch Mage with it’s S.Skill “Concentration of Spirit 30,000g(Graystone) 55MP/8%/16s-118MP/35%/65s Increases destruction magic damage for a short time”


    can you switch to New Android phone and move/backup the APK + data backup to new phone and continue playing the same slots and Character ?

    i myself can’t find any method to transfer the Old Data (characters/slots) to new android phone.

    any help?


    is it possible switching to New Android phone and move/backup the APK + data backup to new phone and continue playing the same slots and Character ?

    i myself can’t find any method to transfer the Old Data (characters/slots) to new android phone.

    any help?


    It’s awesome. But I got confused whenever I face to a dungeon challange. Is there a formula to obtain a highscore? I beat all the enemies and break all the box, pot, etc. I also fulfil the condition of extra bonusses, but still…

    I got 2 star at the end. Can someone tell me if I miss something?


      You just need to finish them fast while getting all the bonus points. The points gained from barrels and boxes is so minute it’s not really a factor when trying to get 3 stars.


    How to finish this 369gem event help me plss


    How do i restore my save game from backup data after i reset factory my phone??? I everything when i reinstall this game T_T


    I can’t get into an arena I’m just wondering how I do it?


    Comecei a jogar a pouco tempo, mas na fase em Northwest of ravenwood, eu passei com 3 estrelas, porem a fase diz que esta bloqueada no quadro de estrelas… sendo assim nao consigo avançar…

    I started playing a little time, but at the stage of Ravenwood Northwest, I went with 3 stars, however the stage says blocked under stars … therefore I can not move …


    I have almost collected all the stars, right now i have 300 stars already.


    I seem to have a problem with my shield points..
    It’s not regenerating and ive already leveled up twice :/

    What am i doing wrong then?


    When I completed mission 2
    , I defeated the boss and return the chest to the lady, I got rewarded and now it said, you did not select your bonus. What does it mean? I don’t get it.


      For some mission rewards you are only allowed to select 1. You can tap the icon picture on the mission reward screen to see the items name.


    i cant use some skill eventhrough i have register it,did the skill limit job?


    How to go to ruina cave. Im stucked at that quest. Please do help. Thanks


    How domi get back to cruise mountain after i died,
    P.s i did not check in at the checkpoint of cruise mountain


    Iro? Can u show me ur skill build plss?and ur set is dodge rate or not?plss help :(


    I use dual blade
    Max dodge 45%
    Max exp bonus 100%(got that from legendary and set item, 40% from necklace, 30% from ring, 15% from armor, the others from rune)


    I was going through the weekly dungeons and got to last room killed it all and the exit never opened kept saying I need to kill all the big monsters in that area but I did. Had to just exit game was stuck in a empty room old fix and compensate. Thank you.


    I’ve got a lvl 25 arch mage and wanna change my action style to the next one.. But it says not eligible…. What am i not doing right?


      Hi JN! Before you could activate action styles you’d have to fulfill some requirements. There are only two, which is to collect enough stars from Dungeon Challenges and the level requirement ^^


    my phone messed-up the screen was damaged and when I tried to back-up all my apps my S.O.L game was there a way to transfer all the data from my previous phone to another one? its frustrating to think that all of my gems and event items will be lost..what should I do? please help.. =(


      Hey there Rd :). My sister recently lost her saved data too when she accidentally reset her smartphone to factory settings, and she emailed the developers of S.O.L EX to find out if they can help her retrieve her saved data. Unfortunately, they do not yet host cloud backups so they couldn’t help her. I’m not sure about local mobile backups, but if you’re hoping to get backups online, I’d tell you now (sadly) that there aren’t any from the developers.


    What are the best ways to find gem monsters?


      The best way to find gem monsters is to get through the main quest to unlock locations at the map. That way, you can fast travel to map locations where the gem monsters are. Usually they are two or three maps away from the main town. Hope this helps ^^


    I need some help, please. (1) Where I can find an item that identify the equipments?; and (2) can someone tell me which knight build is the best? I got level 10 one handed weapon training. Thank you.


      Hey there, Jonathan! You’re probably looking for the Identify Stones, you can either buy them in the gem shop or else drop one in the dungeons or at the arena ^^. As for knight builds, I can’t help you there as I am using Berserker TAT


    Please reply fast. How can I put the saves from my iPad on my iphone?


    give me some tips to defeat leonard
    my style blade dancer lv78


      Hello. To defeat this boss.u must kill all blade that spawn per-round.if the bosses is spawning blade like blade slaphy or other blade.leonard will be invicible and u must kill all blade and then attack him before he get spaening blade again ( best choiche weapon is sword and shield coz the boss can kill u fast with spell) nb; sorry for a bad english just wantohelp . : )


    iam new to the game and running the duel blade class. Can he notuse magic skills? I have the books and skills are registered but i click the spell and nothing happens. I know iam close enough to the enemeys. i could pass on HIV if i had it iam so close. it only for mages? Still confused about this game but i really like it. So hows this work?


    how can i find indentify stone easily by not pay in the shop


    how can i get gems to buy some like for enchanting stone and upgrade stones.. thanks..


    hi just want to share something xD im 95 dual blades and i didnt get any defensive buffs and other passives yet. i finished i think most of my quests and dungeons using magic skills.usuall ice bolt, fire bolt, lightning bolt. set w/ mp recovery so i can cast like unlimited skills + keep moving. fast and easy :) i think i should have made a mage but too tired to start again.

    PS. i usually use shields and swords even im dual blades :) shield = armor so i can put spirit runes.


    hi i just say the stone of life is so hard to play


    i found some bug, after i kill shadow maker in ruina cave and i`m lvl 196, i cant proceed in the next quest.. how can i fix it here in my phone? i need quick reply.. thanks. :D
    happy new year..


    After defeat the shadow master, whats nxt quest. I cant get another quest, pLss heLp thnkS


    Hey friends of Sol. I am lvl 170 and I have a big problem killing monsters. There are some monsters who always block my DMG. My crit DMG is high near 100k. But these blockers get no DMG. How do I kill them easier. I always kill them with traps. But this take long time. Because the DMG is so low. Any help? Thx


    Im a dual blade user, and I’ve beem stuck at my quest. “Kill Leonard” can you please give me some tips?
    P.S possibly wrong build? T__T


      Maybe you have the wrong build or your level is still low for the quest. Beacause sometimes you just flash through minor quests that you tend to forget to level up your character until you encounter a boss. Try going through past dungeons and completing all the stars.


    Im a berserker user, and my problem is same with elli. I’ve been stuck too at my quest. “Kill Leonard” at the Curse Land in to The Ruins Of Hidden Seal dungeon. Please help me.


    I have a dual blade character lvl97 and i made the other three character slots as an extra inventory(possible through the same stash connection for all character slots). Here my problem, i deleted one of my inventory character to create a new one, and when i get to the part where the story starts, the program(app) always force closes. I’ve tried clearing up the cache. Tried creating different types of character. I also tried deleting and creating another new character, same result. Now i only have my lvl97 dual blade and one inventory char. T_T plus i’m a bit anxious about the stability of the game. I mean, what if one day, when i’m like lvl 200+ with complete set items and suddenly it just crashes and never opens again. That would really suck.


    Can anybody tell me how to defeat monsters with Purple shield..??
    coz any attack that I dealt always “blocked”
    and it has incredible HP regen…


    this is a helpful guide thou i think it needs to be updated. it lacks some items and some guides for newbies and other players who want to play the game. i wanted to know more about the dungeon and field monster drops too. i have a lvl 125 dual blade character and i want to know where some sets like the doom set is and what are the items of the set.


    Need a little help here.
    How can I unlock the gray portals in the room of ancient treasure?


    Why i can’t gat the armor in the east graywood? The button turns blue but still cannot get it? Pls help;(


    Im at level 52 my sp is 360 is it okay?

    And how to get bag size increased and where do i find larger bag?

    #thanks in advance :)


    Hi. I accidentally sold the ancient leather armor before. I never noticed that it was important until now that it is needed for a dungeon to get 3 stars. Is there a way that I can get it back?


    What does the red x on items mean?


    What items or armor do I need to get my SP back, I had it and I don’t know what I switched out to lose it. Can anyone tell me how to get it back?

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