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SOL-Stone-of-Life-EX-ItemsMost S.O.L Stone of Life EX Items can be found as drops. Really expensive items can be obtained from daily events. It’s a good idea to save up on Gems and wait for sales in the Gem Item Shop. Some things can only be obtained from daily events which you’ll need and internet connection for.

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You can buy these in all town.


Small Healing Potion Small Healing Potion 100g – HP recovery by 400

Medium Healing Potion Medium Healing Potion 500g – HP recover by 1000

Large Healing Potion Large Healing Potion 2,000g – HP recovery by 2000

Small Mana Potion Small Mana Potion 250g – Restores 50 MP

Medium Mana Potion Medium Mana Potion 1,000g – Restores 150 MP

Large Mana Potion Large Mana Potion 3,000g – Restores 300 MP

Small High Potion Small High Potion 450g – HP and MP recovered by 20%

Medium High Potion Medium High Potion 2,000g – HP and MP recovered by 45%

Large High Potion Large High Potion 7,500g – HP and MP recovered by 70%

Small Shield Potion Small Shield Potion 300g – Fills shield by 400

Medium Shield Potion Medium Shield Potion 1,200g – Fills shield by 1000

Large Shield Potion Large Shield Potion 4,800g  – Fills shield by 2000



There are 63 different runes, 7 types and 9 grades ranging from grade 1-9. The best you can find for drops are up to grade 7 everywhere and grade 6 from select dungeons in town. Once a rune is place it can’t be removed. If your getting full fast you can delete 9 and 8, some runes are required for Dungeon Challenges starting at grade 8 so you might want to keep one on hand. Combining 3 different types will result in a random rune of the same level with no upgrade, but costs less. You can expand your rune inventory (96 max) with a Rune Bag of Philosopher from the Gem Shop or daily events.

Upgrade Costs are the same for each type when combining 3 of the same in the Craft menu:

9. 500g
8. 1,500g
7. 3,500g
6. 7,500g
5. 10,000g
4. 15,000g


Grade/[Weapon] Element Damage/[Armor] Element Resist

9. 22/1%
8. 33/2%
7. 50/3%
6. 74/4%
5. 110/5%
4. 165/6%
1. 550/9%


Grade/[Weapon] HP Stolen Per Hit/[Armor] HP Recovery

9. 4/1
7. 7/3
6. 8/5
5. 10/7
4. 11/9
3. 13/11


Grade/[Weapon] MP Stolen Per Hit/[Armor] MP Recovery

9. 2/1
7. 4/4
5. 6/8
4. 7/10


Grade/[Weapon] Extra EXP %/[Armor] Extra Gold %

7. 4/5
6. 5/7
5. 6/9
4. 7/11


Every new character starts with 5 class specific blades. When summoned they will disappear after a short time if not killed first. Can be bought in Gem Item Shop and found as drops.


Salamander Salamander – Uses fire hammer and boosts Exp gain by 50%.

Sylaphe Sylaphe – Uses wind hammer and increases attack power by 100%.

Oried Oried – Spirit of land that shoots earth bullets and increases max HP by 100%.

Undine Undine – Uses water bullets and increases movement speed.

Siren Siren – Uses water bullets and fills power attack gauge quickly.

Dryad Dryad – Fights with earth hammer and raises shield recovery by 150.

Banshee – Fights with ice hammer and your MP recovers by 10 per attack.

Vulcanus – Uses a fire sword and your HP recovers by 30 per attack.


Gem Item Shop

Many Gem Shop items can be found as drops or from daily quest rewards. It’s a good idea to save your Gem’s for sales. During holidays you can often get Gems at the rate of 4 every 2 hours as a limited time bonus.


Fortune Set Item Box 30G – Acquire one set item randomly.

Resurrection Stone Resurrection Stone – Revive instantly at current position when defeated in battle and you are invincible for a few seconds.

Enchanting Stone Enchanting Stone – Adds a random BLUE stat option to equipment.

Upgrade Stone Upgrade Stone – Raise the WHITE stats on equipment without raising the level requirement. After using the first one the item will randomly say you can upgrade the same item 1-4 times. Each upgrade raises stats more so the first one may increases armor defense by 10 while the second upgrade increases defense by 30 and so on.

Bag of Philosopher Bag of Philosopher – Increase main inventory by 16 blocks for all save slots (128 max). If you delete a save slot and start a new character you will still have the extra space.

Rune Bag of Philosopher Rune Bag of Philosopher – Increases the rune inventory by 16 blocks for all save slots (96 max). If you delete a save slot and start a new character you will still have the extra space.

Rune Box Rune Box – Acquire a random rune of the highest class (grade 1).

Identify Stone Identify Stone – Identify items that are red with question marks.

Stash of Infinite Stash of Infinite – Increases the stash by 16 blocks (64 max). More valuable than Inventory and Rune bag upgrades because the stash can hold both items and runes, plus this cost less Gems. If you delete a save slot and start a new character you will still have the extra space.

Elemental Weapon Box Weapon Box – Acquire a random weapon of at least epic class close to current level up to Lv 170.

Elemental Protective Gear Box Protective Gear Box – Acquire a random armor of at least epic class close to current level up to Lv 170.

Elemental Accessory Box Accessory Box – Acquire a random accessory of at least epic class close to current level up to Lv 170.

Tears of Goddess Tears of Goddess – Become invincible for 30 seconds.

Arena Ticket Arena Ticket – Uses to enter the arena. There is usually a free arena that you can enter every day that rotates. Must have internet connection to take advantage of the free offer. One of the hardest items to obtain as a drop.

Equipment Boxes – Lets you acquire a Legend class armor/helmet/weapon for a certain level.

Equipment Box of Crux Box of Crux Lv 10.

Equipment Box of Pisces Box of Pisces Lv 25.

Equipment Box of Capricorn Box of Capricorn Lv 40.

Equipment Box of Aries Box of Aries Lv 60.

Equipment Box of Scorpio Box of Scorpio Lv 75.

Equipment Box of Virgo Box of Virgo Lv 90.

Equipment Box of Gemini Box of Gemini Lv 100.

Equipment Box of Taurus Box of Taurus Lv 120.

Equipment Box of Cancer Box of Cancer Lv 140.

Equipment Box of Libra Box of Libra Lv 150.

Equipment Box of Leo Box of Leo Lv 170.

Box of Nicola Lv 190.

Box of Lira Lv 200.

Box of Horologium Lv 220.

Lucky Package Box Lucky Package Box – Randomly obtain 3-4 Gem Shop items. Find hidden daily event monster for a free one.


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    I need assistance on the achievement 77777 gold. I have 59000 gold now but do Ihave to be at 77777 exactly?


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