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S.O.L Stone of Life EX Leveling GuideThis is a S.O.L Stone of Life EX Leveling Guide with the best ways I have found to gain experience fast. The higher your level the less experience you’ll gain from the same monster and the opposite is also true. If your 20 or so levels over your opponent you will only get 1 exp. So far, max level is at least 240.

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2x Exp – This is a daily event that usually lasts 2 days in a row and seems to appear every week or so starting on Friday where everything you kill gets you double the experience. You have to connect to the internet then load the game to get the bonus. If you don’t have internet you can load the game on someone elses WiFi or a public hot spot and then as long as you don’t close the app you can play with the 2x Exp modifier, even when your out of internet range. Using this tactic with those listed below will help you advance fast.

Duel Wield Daggers – Equip 2 daggers with the best Exp Runes you can find. The cheap daggers at weapon shops can have 3 slots each giving you 6 slots for Exp Runes, grade 1 Exp runes offer +10% Exp Gain each for a total of 60%. Remember when buying at the shop you can buy 2 of the same dagger. Set, Legend, and many other weapons and armor can also have Exp bonuses.

Towers – Towers will give out a lot more experience than normal, big, and boss enemies, plus are easier to defeat. They also have a much better chance of dropping Rare and Epic items that can be sold for a good amount of gold.

Quests – Story missions are a great place to gain experience. I have always been about 30 level below the monsters in quests which made certain places difficult. The plus side is those enemies are worth a ton more. I just find a room where there’s foes i can group together and fight easy then exit area, re-enter, and repeat.

Completing Quest – Quest exp can be easy to get in large amounts though bosses can stop your progress dead in it’s tracks.

DungeonsDungeon Challenges are a great way to gains levels as you can always find some without requirements with enemies that are stronger than you. Defending crystals lets you fight waves of enemies with little chance of dying because their focused on the crystal. The down side is that if you die or fail the requirements you will not get any loot.

Groups – Try to gather monsters into groups where you can use area spells to kill them all fast for quick exp. The best place to find large groups are in quests and dungeons.

Critical Rate & Damage – Critical Rate is capped at 30% while Critical Damage is capped at 300%. Having both as high as possible will help speed up the process of gaining exp. Set items will let you reach these limits easily and can be found in dungeons through the portal in towns and from bosses and towers in dungeons.

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