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SOL-Stone-of-Life-EX-MapThis S.O.L Stone of Life EX Map is coming soon and will include locations of towns, stores, portals, dungeons, bosses, levels,element zone types, and blocked off sections showing you where you can go and how to get there.

View more info at the S.O.L Stone of Life EX S.O.L Stone of Life EX Guide Wiki

SOL Map Test


Shops – All equipment shops will sell items close to your current level. You can farm their inventor by simple exiting and talking to them again. Blue quality with 2 slots will be the max you’ll find, normal quality can have 3 slots.



Shops – Weapon, Armor, Potion, Skills


Fire Bolt 7,500g 15/51%-? Fires 3 flaming fire bolts and delivers fire elemental damage to enemies. Good for large groups as it will pass through them, but will usually only hit the enemies once so Ice Bolt is better for 1 on 1.
Inferno S.AOE 10,000g* 15/39%-? Shoots a fire beam that will hurt enemies and consume MP every second while held down.

Ice Bolt 7,500g Launches 3 freezing ice bolts that delivers water damage. The best bolt for causing the most pain to single targets as all projectiles will land a hit.
Ice Lance S.AOE 10,000g 15/39%-? Shoots a water beam that hurts enemies and consume MP every second while held down.

Stone Bolt 7,500g Hurls gigantic boulders to deliver earth damage.
Stone Spear S.AOE 10,000g 15/39%-? Shoots an earth beam that hurts enemies and consume MP every second while held down.

Lightning Bolt 7,500g Large lightning the causes wind damage.
Chain Lightning S.AOE 10,000g 15/39%-? Shoots a wind beam that continually hurts enemies and consumes MP while held down.


Booby Trap 7,500g 65/80-137/440 Lays trap that continuously hurt enemies with physical damage.


Iron Skin 20,000g ?/?%/?s-118/20%/130s Increases your defense by a % based on what your wearing. The stronger the armor the more benefit you’ll get.

Respiration 7,500g ?MP/?/?s-?MP/?/45s Increases HP recovery for a certain period of time. Since HP recovery is capped at 100 there is no reason to increase this skill past level 6.

Weakness Domain 7,5000g 55/21%/16s-?/?%/?s Reduced physical attack power of surrounding enemies.

Fuzzy Domain 10,000g 55/51%-?/?% Drops the power of curse from the sky to destroy the shield of enemies at the drop point.


Shops – Weapon, Armor, Accessory, Potion, Skills, Skill Reset (Rodgers 50,000g)


Meteor M.AOE 30,000g Drops a meteor from the sky that damages with fire in an area. Cast right away when Blizzard, Land Collapse, and Thunder Bolt require charge time. No cast distance limit so you can blast enemies from across the screen and they wont attack you.

Blizzard M.AOE 30,000g

Land Collapse M.AOE 30,000g

Thunder Bolt M.AOE 30,000g


 Lava Bondage 20,000g 65/80-137/440 Strongest trap that inflicts fire damage with a burning effect on enemies for extra damage.


 Anti-Force Domain 10,000g 55/21%/16s-?/?%/?s Reduces the physical defense of surrounding enemies. Only works with weapon attacks.


Dual Blade – Blow of Assassination 30,000g 55/7%-?/70% Increases critical damage for e certain time period.

Knight – Preparation for Attack 30,000 55/55%/16s-?/?%/?s Increases attack power at the expense of defense.

Berserker – Blade of Anger 30,000g 55/12%-?/30% Increases critical rate %.

Arch Mage – Concentration of Spell 30,000g Increases destruction magic damage for a short time.


Shops – Weapon, Armor, Potion, Skills, Training Reset (James 50,000g)


Flame Nova L.AOE 30,000g 65/65%-137/200% Damages enemies with fire and has max cast distance. This and Lightning Nova are the strongest Destruction skills.

Frozen Nova L.AOE 30,000g 65/69%-137/150% Attacks with water and can be cast at max distance. Weakest of all skills of same tier making it obsolete for about 99% of fights.

Earthquake L.AOE 30,000g 65/67%-137/175% Hurts with earth and can be cast at max distance. Weaker than fire and wind skills of same tier making it obsolete for about 99% of fights.

Lightning Nova L.AOE 30,000g 65/69%-137/200% Damages enemies with wind and has max cast distance. This and Flame Nova are the strongest Destruction skills.


Glaciers Bondage 20,000g 65/80-137/440 Water damage that slows enemies movement speed making it useful in late game.
Land Bondage 20,000g 65/80-137/440 Says it stuns enemies, but it doesn’t seem to effect them at all besides regular earth damage.
Storm Bondage 20,000g 65/80-137/440 Only does wind damage without any special effect making it the least effective trap.


Energy Shield 20,000g ?MP/?/?s-118/30%/130s Blocks a certain % of physical damage. Stacks well with other buffs. This is more valuable than Iron Skin later in the game as it will block much more damage.

Reflect Shield 30,000 ?/?%/?s-118/30%/130s Has a chance to void incoming damage and reflect it back to the attacker. Great for dodging almost 1/3 of attacks!

Shield Regeneration 15,000g ?MP/?/?s-118MP/165/65s This is a must as it recharges your shield quick. Max recover limit is much higher then max HP recovery limit making your shield better to invest in for survivability.

Flame Shower 7,500g 55/51%/16s-?/?%/?s Inflicts a burning statues on surrounding foes that hurts over time.

Ice Bound 7,500g 55/51%/16s-?/?%/?s Summons crystals of ice that slow opponents. Helps get ride of things chasing you.


Dual Blade – Quick Movement 30,000g 55/12%-?/30% Increases your Dodge Rate for a limited time.

Knight – Preparation for Defense 30,000 55/12%/16s-?/?%/?s Increases block chance for a certain period of time. Becomes passive when Blocking Training and shield buffs reach the maximum of 30%.

Berserker – Shouting of Survival 30,000g 55/3%-?/30% Increase max HP for a short time.

Arch Mage – Concentration of Mind 30,000g Increases max MP for a certain time period.



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