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Stone-of-Life-Set-ItemsBelow is a growing list of S.O.L Stone of Life EX Set Items including drop locations with pictures. So far, the only Set Items that I have found came from boss drops in Dungeon Challenges. The portal in town will let you pay a large amount of gold to enter areas where finding them is almost guaranteed. To find set items that are over level 100 you’ll have to fully complete arena battles, though sometimes you can find them in the chest leading up to the end.

Wearing different pieces of the same set at the same time will unlock the bonuses in gray letters. Finding items with slot is random.

View more info at the S.O.L Stone of Life EX S.O.L Stone of Life EX Guide Wiki


“Armor D1-10″ means I found the armor piece from a boss drop in dungeon Package 1 Stage 10. Might not be a guaranteed drop, still testing.

“All D8-5″ is a payed dungeon located through the portal in most towns that will guarantee around 5+ set drops. You have to pay a fee every time you enter. All of these dungeons are made up of 3 areas with each one giving a certain set. They get harder by 10 levels the further you go in and traps are waiting that can kill you in one hit if your too under leveled.

Set Items

Adventurer Lv10

Evidence of Adventurer Will of Adventure Heart of Adventurer

All D8-4 60,000g

Faith Lv20

Agony of Faith Hope of Faith Trust-of-Faith-Armor

All D8-4 60,000g

Armor D1-10 End Boss

Madness Lv30

Madness Ravage Madness-Eye-Helm

All D8-4 60,000g

Helm D1-13 End Boss

Fairy Lv40

Branch of Fairy Clothes of Fairy

All D8-5 120,000g

Branch D3-1 Last Tower

Pioneer Lv50

Activity-of-Pioneer-Dagger-2 Activity-of-Pioneer-Dagger-1 Road of Pioneer

All D8-5 120,000g

Dagger D2-10,2-11 End Bosses

Bless Lv60

Mace of Bless Armor of Bless

All D8-5 120,000g

Dragon Hunter Lv70

Axe of Dragon Hunter Armor of Dragon Hunter Gauntlets of Dragon Hunter Evidence of Dragon Hunter

All D8-6 180,000g]

Armor D3-11 End Boss

Chronicler Lv80

Wand of Chronicler 2 Wand of Chronicler Hood of Chronicler Shoes of Chronicler Pendant of Chronicler

All D8-6 180,000g

Hood Lv90

Helmet of Robin Hood Armor of Robin Hood Gloves of Robin Hood

All D8-6 180,000g

Grace Lv85

Eye of Grace

All D8-7 240,000g

Howling Lv90

Howling Madness Howling Chase

All D8-7 240,000g

Hermit Lv95

Will of Hermit Wisdom of Hermit Clothes of Hermit

All D8-7 240,000g

General Felix Lv105

All in Tomb of Liars Arena

Spellmaster Lv130

Amulet D5-9

Captain Lv135

Gloves D5-9

Otherworld Lv150

Gloves D6-6, Found around 70 set items up until this point and this was the first todrop from a regular enemy.

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    Robin Hood set has dagger

    If you want to , I can send a pic


    there’s a general carius set lv 120. 3pc got helm in arena
    slaughter set 3pc lv 180 last arena
    genocider set lv 195 3pc last arena


    In set items, those with numbers, like
    (2)Extra Exp etc

    Are those activated yet or i have to do something? I only had 1 set item that the number 2 was already activated (highlighted)


    Fallen angel set for lvl 240
    Ancient dragon set for lv 250(with mighty dagger that increase your dagger training +7 after enchantment, sharpening +5, and 5k damage upgrade)

    I think 250 is lvl caps but after i reach that it still lvl up


    I was able to get some daggers under the tombs of liars dungeon they are set daggers called “Will of Liberation” for lvl100 I think its actually a nice set since there are additional damages for objects, undead, and humans once you collected the set..still trying to farm other sets within the dungeon..i’ll post some pics when I’ll have the chance..and a quick question how can you open those other dungeons within the town portals? any ideas? portals where in you can get the set items…please help thanks


    how can i defeat the boss in the weekly event, this is for the luna set. please help me, this is the last day for the armor.


    hope you can help me how can i get the luna set (armor). i cant defeat this boss, im level 130. :(


      just running and use skill, flame nova prefered or lightning nova
      since element in this game just reduced dmg from same element, no elemental weakness

      i killed last boss when lvl 95
      use spirit rune on armor for regen (better than the steal)


    I scored madness greatsword at 2-1 and fairy branch at 2-8


    I got activity of Pioneer from 3-1


    I found a Blade and a Ring of Justice Set (both are lv 210) at D 9-11.


    Ring and amulet of oried lv 240 in fighting is such sorrow; boots of sucessor lv 200 too.


    Will of Pioneer lvl 50 set helm


    how to get in pioneer lvl 50 ?


    Where i can find lvl 170 set items aside from shop


    Guys help me.. what is the best of rune for weapon??


    and what is the best blader set at lvl 60- 70??
    and the place for better farm gold for no cheat??


    Hey how bout successor set? I got helm of successor

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