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Stone-of-Life-WalkthroughWelcome to the S.O.L Stone of Life EX Walkthrough! Below is a list of all the story mission with quest rewards. You can click the name to watch a YouTube video walkthrough. Most quest rewards that are items will be Legend quality. One very important thing to remember is that you can save before turning in quests, then exit without saving and reload to re-roll quest reward item stats. Completing story mission is one of the fastest way to gain experience and gold. If you play smart you can complete story mission way over your level. After you complete a mission it will turn into a Dungeon Challenge.

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1. Find the Map 300e 300g Holey Clothes

2. Traces of the Spirit 900e 400g Ice, Stone, or Lightning Bolt

3. Kill Salamander 1,600e 500g Old Ring

4. Philosopher Zed 1,000e 700g

5. Disappeared Zed

6. Find the Boy 5,800e 900g Inferno Skill Book

7. Recipe of Antidote 7,500e 1,000g

8. Return to Herbhill 5,000e 1,200g 2 Upgrade Stones

9. Rare Herb 9,500e 1,500g

10. Completed Antidote 6,600e 1,800g

11. Ignis 7,700e 2,250g Flame, Ice, or Stone Barrier Skill Book

12. Scout of Ignis 8,800e 3,000g

13. Search the Quarry 16,000e 3,750g

14. New Information 11,000e 4,500g History of Pioneer

15. Defeat Necrosis 18,500e 5,250g

16. Spy to Infiltrate 13,000e 6,000g 2 Enchanting Stones

17. To Ancient Abbey 13,500e 6,750g

18. Key of Ancient Abbey 25,000e 7,500g

19. Kill Revion 27,000e 8,250g Meteor, Blizzard, or Land Collapse Skill Book

20. To Monica 18,500e 9,000g

21. Lord Oliver 19,500e 9,750g Brisingamen

22. Eastern Commander 20,500e 10,000g

23. Spirit of Halten 34,000e 11,000g

24. Western Commander 23,500e 12,000g

25. Evidence Behind 40,000e 13,000g

26. Grave Keeper Melvin 29,000e 13,500g

27. General Felix’s Wand 55,000e 14,000g

28. Monica’s Call 36,500e 16,000g

29. Shrine of Curseland 38,500e 18,000g

30. Earth Seal 65,000e 20,000g

31. Water Seal 75,000e 21,000g Face of Savage

Face of Savage

32. Fire Seal 80,000e 22,000g

33. Kill Leonard 100,000e 22,500g (To trigger the next quest you have to save, close app, then load game again)


34. Disappearance of Crinsia

35. Trace the Ringleader 196,200e 28,500g 3 Identify Stones

36. Stop the Ceremony 370,600e 32,000g 3 Tears of Goddess

37. Trace the Headquarterss

38. Return to Crinsia 235,620e 39,000g 3 Resurrection Stone

39. Kill William 526,320e 42,500g (To trigger the next quest you have to save, close app, then load game again)

40. Recall General Carius 349,920e 46,000g

41. Confidential 349,920e 49,500g 5 Identify Stones

42. Rescue Scholar 660,960e 53,000g

43. Find the Sealing Stone 759,220e 56,500g 5 Upgrade Stone

44. Kill Murloc 864,280e 60,000g 10 Upgrade Stone

45. Request of Carius 900,000e 63,500g

46. Security 950,000e 67,000g

47. Confirm the Seal

48. Destroy the Core of Life 1,150,000e 74,000g

49. Destroy the Core of Spirit 1,200,00e 77,500

50. Kill Shadow Maker 1,250,000e 81,000g 5 Upgrade Stones


They definitely set it up for there to be more quests, but for now it looks like Kill Shadow Maker is the last one. You can farm bosses for loot in their respective Dungeon Challenge.


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    I have a 7″ digiland android tablet and in the game SoL, I’m all the way to package 5 and beyond of the dungeons, anyways I think either there’s a glitch in the game considering in the D5-2 I can never finish the dungeons because it’s just a loop with that lock thing keeps saying kill all giant monsters in dungeon to pass when I have done that but I still cannot pass and end the dungeon. Could it be that my tablet is too hot or something? Please help…if you can :)


    package 2 kill death knight requires an item but i can t see him. what is the item?


    How to get to Ruina cave?


    hehhe i kill shadow maker and this is a last quest.. ok i’ll waiting for updates of this game i hope more challenging quest.. and items upgrade..

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