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Stick Death WalkthroughThis is a Stick Death Walkthrough with videos and explanation on how to complete a particular level. The goal is to kill all of the people on a stage with them noticing. To due this you’ll will have to tap different objects in the environment and cause accidents. If you close the app and open it again you will have to start from the beginning again. There is no save feature or really any other options for that matter. Right now there are a total of 7 stages.

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Stick Death Walkthrough

Level 1 – Living Room

1. Close the window on the persons head when there in range.
2. When the guy upstairs is by the flower pot hit his hand to drop it on the guy in the chair below.
3. The flower pot hitter will run down the stairs so tap the hockey stick so he trips.
4 When the gentleman stops under the ceiling fan drop it on him.

Level 2 – Park

1. Tap the person on the swing when their at peak height to throw them off.
2. Next hit the person with the basketball who will knock the wheel chair into the water. When he runs over to help collapse the dock.
3. Tap the sign just before the motorcycle passes it.

Level 3 – Office

1. Tap the driller on the beam who will ruin the guys cord below.
2. The far left person on the beam, touch the pulley over his head.
3. Drop the boards on the person reading the blue print.
4. Touch the cement truck cap to pour cement on the wanderer.
5. Touch the column just under the driller on the beam.

Level 4 – Office

Level 5 – Classroom

Level 6 – Super Market/Mall

Level 7 – Restaurant

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