Jun 292014

Temple Run 2 Best CharacterOut of the 8 people you can play the Temple Run 2 Best Character goes to…Usain Bolt! Usain Bolt needs to be purchased from the store and once you have him you will unlock a new power up called Bolt which is really Boost and Magnet combined. It’s kind of a bummer that Mr. #1 has to be purchased with real cash, but I guess you could just think of it as and unfair buff advantage. Though it seems to more resemble someone trying to make some cash.

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The good thing is that you can open up all the feature with out having to hurt you wallet in real life. Other than that Power Ups and Ability increases count across everyone at the same time so you don’t have to worry about building up characters separately.

Technically there could be some that are better than others beside the purchased runner. For instance,  you only really need to unlock Scarlet Fox, Barry Bones, and Karma Lee as they will open up usable skills called power ups which give you extra bonus while running. So after unlocking those 3 characters you should spend the rest of your coins on ability upgrades until you max everything, then you buy the rest of the playable characters. Since there so expensive and all.

Temple Run 2 Best Character LogoWith that said i guess the best character would be 1 of the 5 you need to open up all the opportunities with Bolt taking the lead. Everyone else is only available to have something that looks different. The Indiana Jones look alike could be good ton since he looks like a movie hero and all.

There are different animations and ending pictures for everyone. This would be a small incentive to play everyone in an attempt to see potential humor and art work. To see these fast you could continuously drop of the starting cliff without grabbing the rope. I think all people should open up some feature or addition benefit. You can’t really give somebody too many reasons to keep playing your game. You can never have to much replay, maybe.

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