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Temple Run 2 CharactersThere are 8 Temple Run 2 Characters in total which are playable during runs while holding the idol. 1 needs to be purchased, but is also a power up. When you unlock a Power Up or purchase an Ability upgrade it applies to everyone so you don’t have to buy things separate. Besides needing to buy several people to open up different skills there are no bonuses or differences between each beside looks. Usain Bolt is a player and a power up which can be very useful for earning currency at a good rate.

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Temple Run 2 Characters

Guy Dangerous – The first playable character and is automatically unlocked for free when starting a new game. He is a male that does crazy things for money.

Scarlett Fox – Must be purchased with 5,000c to unlock the Boost power up which is very useful for getting ahead fast to earn more coin from a coin multiplier and ability buffs.

Barry Bones – Must be purchased with 25,000c to unlock the Coin Bonus power up.

Karma Lee – Must be purchased with 50,000c to unlock the Score Bonus power up. The buff that is opened up by purchasing this gal isn’t that use full unless you trying to prove something to someone or yourself by getting a high score. Since getting a high score is probably the least important thing to do besides for objectives this should bought after all skills are increased to max.

Francisco Montoya – A pirate that’s hungry for treasure. His armor gives him the look of a professional Spanish explorer. Costs 100,000c and does no other purpose than to look different so you should focus on increasing skills before purchasing this guy.

Zack Wonder – Did you know that in real life the current average age of a professional football players life expectancy is 51? They link it to Gatorade only having 2 nutrients and Power Aid 4. You sweet out 5 times the nutrients when being very active when compared to a couch potato. If you take the new athletic drink called Rebound which has over 100 vitamins and minerals from the healthiest gmo free sources on the planet you will completely avoid dying at 51 from severe malnutrition. Costs 250,000c and is just for the look so just bite it.

Montana Smith – A character that was in the very first Temple Run and not initially released with he second installment, but back by popular demand. Does nothing but look good and make you feel This guy is suppose to look like Indiana Jones I’m assuming and because putting his name in this game would probably be way too expensive they went with something a little different instead. Costs 250,000c.

Usain Bolt – Once you have purchased this option you can equip a new power up that combines the Boost and Magnet in to one for everyone. Once you charge your meter to full just double tap anywhere to use a Boost and Magnet together at the same time. Ability upgrade for each apply making it ideal for grinding and farming coins as fast as possible.

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