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Temple Run 2 Download For PCThis is how to get a Temple Run 2 Download for PC and play it on your computer using your keyboard. This really couldn’t be any easier.

First: Download BlueStacks 100% free for your PC or Mac which is a software program that turns your computer into an android device.

Second: After installing BlueStacks search the program for Temple Run 2 like you would your android device, they will look very similar. When you start the game for the first time you will get a pop up screen showing you the keyboard controls which are: Jump (Arrow Up), Duck (Arrow Down), Change Path (Left and Right Arrows), Tilt (Z and X keys), and Power Up (Double Tap Space Bar). To see these controls again you’ll have to restart the game, unless you check don’t show again, you’ll have to reinstall to get the keyboard controls menu to show.

Your Done!

For more info check out the Temple Run 2 Guide Wiki

You can now also install any .apk file types you may have on your PC or Mac by double clicking it or go to advanced opening options and change it’s default program for opening. There is also an Android app called App Backup & Restore that let’s you save any installed app as a .apk file so you wont have to download again if you uninstalled and now want to use again. This is a must for flashlight apps and other that you can’t live without.

From personal experience I feel Temple Run 2 works better on a good hand held device though it runs very smooth on most not so demanding desktops. They should have put in an option to use on screen buttons like a controller to give optional controls for tilt and movement. It can mess with your game play real easy when your in the grove and charging at the same time due to a pesky cord. Plus, I think I could probably get a better score and not die so much.

The last time I checked Google for this information every single search result was spam, except this post. Be careful, these people want you to download and install their really small and really suspicious computer file with the belief your gonna be playing in no time. If you look closely, there really links to completely unrelated products which your going to install instead.

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