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Temple Run 2 EndingIf your were wondering if there is a Temple Run 2 Ending you came to the right place. Your gonna wanna make sure your sitting down before I tell you this. Ok, now that your comfortable what I’m about to tell you might not make you feel that good. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an ending.

There is no end of the road and the only real end of game will be upgrading and purchasing everything, then getting burned out going for the high score and feeling like you’ve reached some kind of limit. You have to look at it more as a game that has only one mode of play, Endless. It’s kind of like a brain function building game with incentives to help you learn and grow. I suppose something like this could be great for a child’s development at some stage in his or her early life, look what i can do.

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If you connect to a Google account you can participate in public high score lists. You can check your rankings at the end of every run by tapping the Medal button to the left of the Run Again button once connected. Unfortunately, this is the only multi-player function and the closest you’ll get to playing with your buddies is posting your best runs on social media.

I think some fun game modes would be having to reach the ends of different courses that produce 3 stars for high score. The areas could get longer and harder with possible boss fights. The stars could be used to unlock different areas, skills, or features. Or they could make it like an RPG where you find random equipment that increases or decreases different stats. You could fight monkeys along the way with hits points and unlock a dual wielding Indiana Jones with light sabers. Of course when you get tired of adventuring through The Fields of Temple Run and saving the princess you can check out some endless mode.

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    Thanks. I wish there was an ending. If I ever got to the end it would be such a relief.

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