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Temple Run 2 Guide WikiThis Temple Run 2 Guide Wiki while cover various information and features of the game. Temple Run 2 is and Action game and was developed by Imangi Studios. It’s available for free download on Android and iOS/iPhone operating systems. You can also play it on a PC using and emulator like BlueStacks though I’m not sure how the tilt function will work.

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- Though you can only select 1 power up per run you can still find the other ones as large coins you’ll have to jump for while fleeing with the idol. This makes investing in abilities early a helpful strategy especially for power ups you wont have right away due to level restrictions and needing to buy other characters.

- Since there is a ton of things to spend coins on increasing your passive Coin Value ability as early as possible will help out a bunch in the long run when it comes to purchasing new characters and upgrading abilities and power ups. By default Coin Value will double the amount of coins you earn on a run after you pass the 1,500 meter mark. It can be tough for beginners to reach that distance without having to spend gems. The first upgrade is only 250 coins which will reduce the distance need down to 1,000 meters which is a lot better for most people. The second upgrade will increase the distance to 3,000 meters, but triple the coins after that point also. Until you feel more comfortable it’s probably a better idea to leave it after the first increase as 1,000m is more reachable than 3,000m. The Boost power up can help you get to that higher coin earning faster and easier, then Power Meter to fill your power up faster.

- The Coin Magnet can help out tremendously by letting you relax and focus on the course while you rake in the money. There are also many place you probably wouldn’t get them any how like when they sneak up on you around corners or because of not tilting enough. Increasing it’s duration is a great investment and will pay itself of in time.

- Unfortunately increasing some abilities to a higher level might not give the obvious increase you think it would by making it overall better. The only way to remove increases is to delete and reinstall your app :(

- If you travel far enough you can gems for free. You will usually have to jump for them and a lot of the times there in hard to reach area so stay alert.

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