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Temple Run 2 ObstaclesTemple Run 2 Obstacles appear randomly while traveling with the idol and you can be swooped away into a different area at any time including at the beginning. Each area can last a long time or for just a small bit and getting harder with more dangerous the further you travel. Since tilting your device in order to navigate many things is a must making sure you are in a comfortable tilting position will help you travel further easier. While traveling the the endless gauntlet in an attempt to escape with the treasure you will come across certain items including coins, instant power up, gems, and treasure chest containing artifacts. Tripping on or bumping into things will trigger the gorilla and reset your power up meter.

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Temple Run 2 Obstacles

Below are different types of environments or levels you can come across while carrying the idol:

Ropes – Always found in the very beginning and randomly through out certain areas. You need to swipe up in order to jump and grab the rope. It can be short or long and will always contain coins which you may need to tilt left or right for. You can not jump from the rope to get onto the small floating island. At time the island may look like there could be something up there, but good views of it show that it’s a piece of sky art only.

Stone – Has things that will cause you to learn and use all swipe, tilt, and jump functions. When coming up on ledges you can jump at the start to give you more time to move left or right in an attempt to land on the ledge. If your traveling at too high of speeds simple swipe in to a wall like your turning. This will cause a monkey to chase you and if you try twice in a row the monkey will end your run. After traveling a couple hundred meters the monkey will stop chasing you and you can slow down again using the wall.

Wood Beams – The easiest place in my opinion as all you have to do is jump over barricades, flames, blades, and gaps. If you are going to fast you can slow down by intentionally hitting the small 2 board barriers. This will stun you for a short time where you could fall or run into things ending your run.

Water Slide – A giant water slide that is usually pretty easy to complete. Obstacles include ducking under water to avoid bumping your head, tilting around rock, and fitting through the middle of a grinder while going under water. You will also have the option to choose a left or right paths when traveling that have no dead ends like mines. Very easy once you get the hang of things.

Mine Cart – Fast with no option to slow down making it the most dangerous course type. This is where Boost is the most useful as it can get you through quick without harm. Once riding inside the mines you will either have to duck below giant saws/wood barriers, tilt left or right to gain coins, avoid dead ends, and travel on broken pieces of track. You can here a tick on the track to indicate something is coming, useful for when your flying around corners and not sure whats gonna happen.

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