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Temple Run 3 Download for PCA Temple Run 3 Download for PC will be available as soon as they release it for Android on Google Play. Once this happens you can use a program for your PC or Mac called BlueStacks that turns your computer into a mobile device to download it like you would on your handheld.

Yep that’s right folks, you can play almost all Android games on your PC for free. If you didn’t know you have only been missing out for around 6 month to a year as this emulating program just started to get really good.The only downside is it’s rumored paid option after most of the bugs are worked out.

Check out the Temple Run 3 Guide Wiki for more info

The developers of Temple Run have put in features that let you use your keyboard as a controller. Many new apps are doing the same and it looks like the wall will fall between mobile and desktop gaming very soon or already has.

For new features they should have some American Ninja type obstacle courses, like 500. All of them with star rankings which can then be spent on opening up new areas and equipment. Endless mode would added as something else to do besides playing the main part of the game which would be a MMORPG and Mirrors Edge mushed together. You could have boss fight where multiple people would have to constantly dodge obstacles while wielding dual light saber in an attempt to bring down the epic bad guy. Masks would be like set items.

The anticipated release date would have been January 2014 so the new title could be just around the corner. Considering how all of them so far have produced over 1 billion total downloads you would think they would try and get one out every year. The do have other titles though so I suppose there passion is pointed in a different direction. Lots of fans though and definitely one of those apps that change the way you look at the world.

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