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Temple Run 3 Guide WikiCurrently this Temple Run 3 Guide Wiki has very little information due to the game not being released yet. We are actually about 6 months past the expected release date of January 2014.

The game was such a big hit and with over 1 billion downloads I’m surprised they don’t come out with one every year. I just hope there working on something really big. Come back in the near future and if the third installment is out this place should be blooming with info. In the mean time you can check out some related stuff below.

Since the genre was developed by a couple so I hope everything is going well with them as far as productivity with future developments. I’m sure there are a ton of fans waiting for a rebirth of this endless classic. I personally feel that endless should just be one of many game modes where you have tons of other options available for replay value. Maybe have an adventure mode or 100 different stages you could complete for star ratings that got more difficult. It’s also pretty hard to go wrong with anything that has hit point or wearable gear and items. I suppose there are an infinite possibilities, though something new and refreshing is better than nothing.

Tip: In the first two games you would be chased by a large and angry gorilla type monster when you tripped on obstacles. What a lot of people don’t realize is that monkey is the key to gaining extremely high score. When you trigger your raging little buddy he actually slows everything down making all those things in your way easier to get around. The down side is the your power up meter will be reset and if you trip while that little bugger is on to you it will be game over. Otherwise you can wait until he goes away and repeat the process.

You can also play this Android game and many others on your PC now using an emulator called BlueStacks. It looks and feels like a regular mobile device only your gaming on your desktop. It’s very stable with regular updates making it better everyday, though free for now word on the street is their planing on a paid option at some point and time.

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