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Temple Run 3 Release DateThe potential Temple Run 3 Release Date would have been somewhere around January 2014 assuming it was released within or around the same time as the first 2 installments. This means since there hasn’t been any word it could literally happen any day. Christmas is good, but sooner it better. There hasn’t been a for sure date set for the third installment yet though I’m sure we’ll eventually see another one.

The original game was developed by a husband and wife combo and came out on iPhone much earlier than Android. Because of game engine issues the Android port had more issues though using a high end device will probably solve all your problems. Considering that when it first came out it received millions of downloads in the first couple days and has since been over 1 billion total, it would be a huge mistake not to throw another one in the mix.

Check out the Temple Run 3 Guide Wiki for more info

If your a super duper fan than you might not know about their other game called Temple Run: Brave. They teamed up with Disney and added an archer where you would also need to tap and shoot target along the course.

For those of you who are still pondering that age old question “Is there an End?” the answer is no. Basically, your playing one big giant Endless mode with benefits. After unlocking everything the only thing left to do is try and get a high score. For the next one they should have courses you could play with each getting harder the deeper down the rabbit hole you go. Maybe an adventure mode where you could play with your friends online and have social chat. This is basically a very relaxed version of Mirrors Edge which can be an insanely frustratingly high level of gameplay.

Many people may also not be aware that you can play tons of Android games on your PC using and emulator called BlueStacks. It basically turns your desktop into a mobile device. It’s still in it’s earlier stages of development, but has come far with improvements and usability. For now it’s free though there is word of adding a payed feature when everything is working better.

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