Aug 012014

Tribez and Castlez Archmage StaffWhen you log into Tribez and Castlez 5 days in a row you will get a piece to the Archmage Staff along with some gems. After doing this consecutively for 20-25 days you’ll have all the pieces and complete the staff. This is when you find out it does absolutely nothing and is only there to temp you into playing for a month where they hope you’ll be so addicted you can’t quit. A better name would be the Archmage Laugh cause you know the devs have to be laughing their butts off at us for thinking it’s gonna be something awesome when it’s nothing.

Do you want to get even? Would you like to break free from this gaming prison? Have almost complete control and gain unlimited gems for free? Then you came to the right place. All you have to do while the game is on is go into your time and date settings and move the hour or days ahead. This will trick the app into thinking you have waited the required amount of time to complete construction of builds, missions, and producing goods.

You can move the hour a little bit or a lot to get things done in a hurry. When you go past the 24 hour marks the adjustment will not count and you’ll have to back out of the app and change the time again, but only when passing the 24 hour mark. You can also keep moving the days ahead by 1 to get the daily bonus of gems which increase each day until it reaches it’s maximum of 25, then resets to 1 again. You’ll be getting all kinds of staffs that do absolutely nothing and having a great time doing it.

Most games that are locked down with time waiting restriction can be manipulated in this matter though some you will have to actually close the game to make the changes then re-open it again.

I have recently put this app down mostly because of the adventure map. Massive repetitiveness combined with unrealistic goals and telling me I unlock something after the next challenge when after completing it I have to do another, then another. This has to be some kind of government machine made so you keep your eyes of all the dirt deeds there doing. If feel sorry for all the folks playing this thing for the 2 or 3 years it would take to complete fully.  It’s is a fun time killer though with lots of eye candy I just wish I was rewarded more for my actions when I’m told and not made to jump through a bunch of misleading hoops.


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