Jul 282014

Tribez and Castlez CheatsThese a truly Tribez and Castlez Cheats and not like the other spam at the top of search.

If you want to cheat it’s really simple, just set the time ahead on your Android device. The easiest way to do this is to keep the app open and switch between it and the date and time setting. You don’t have to switch the day just the hours unless your going for gems. When you do go past midnight it wont count so you’ll have to change the time twice when doing so.

I’m not sure if this works on iStuff or how to do it on the computer. By doing this you can dramatically speed up the play time of this game. Also my device is rooted, but I don’t think that makes a difference. Surprisingly it’s still feels abnormally long with the ability to manipulate time.

With this tactic you can receive and unlimited amount of gems by moving the day ahead and collecting the daily bonus which goes up with each day and resets after 5 days. You know that staff¬†Tribez and Castlez want you to complete building by logging in 25 days in a row? It does nothing and is only there to get you hooked. Whatever happened to making fun games. It’s like their all a bunch of brick layers these days trying to manipulate as mush as possible so you through some cash at them.

With this cheat you can breeze though the adventure thing they have going which still seems to take a decent amount of time.

This is one of those games where bypassing the regular play mode is a must to actually enjoy the thing. I was just about to quit playing this thing when I found out the staff did nothing when a little bird whispered in my ear. Sure enough it worked and now I’m having some fun again with this app using cheats. Freedom! Kind of.



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