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If your looking for some Gems the easiest way to do this is by moving the time ahead on your device to collect daily rewards. Simple go into the time setting and move it ahead 1 day to collect your gems and then keep going to raise the amount received. Tribez and Castlez is a very long game that makes even the smallest thing take weeks to complete in some cases.

You should never spend money on apps like these when you have the option to manipulate time. You’ll find that when you dramatically speed up the process of producing goods and completing mission that this app is still unnaturally long. Once you get to the Stone Masonry building your will have to play for a good month before you jump through enough hoops to unlock it. They constantly tell you that you’ll get it after the next mission, but when you complete it you find out to have to pass another, then another and another.

Using this tactic can take awhile to build up a good amount of gems, but it’s better than nothing. Using them to complete missions and tasks on the adventure map can get pretty expensive and they are probably better spent on special building for increased storage, more goods production, more employees, and earning lots of gold.

Once you get a decent ways into the game you’ll be able to open up most property without having to complete adventure stages. It’s best to wait to complete the map quests as you can bypass most of them when you meet the level requirement and reach a certain quest. This will keep you from have to complete thing that you would have otherwise not of had too. The devs will try to make you think that your goal is just around the corner when you find out very quickly your gonna be jumping through some whoops. Best to hold of on the map until later levels so you don’t waste time unless your having fun then go right ahead,.

Tribez and Castlez Free Gems

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