Jul 272014

Tribez and Castlez Promo CodeIf your looking for some Tribez and Castlez Promo Codes they post them on their Facebook page every once in awhile or so they say. I have went pretty far back in their posts and haven’t found any Promo Codes posted in the past so it looks like the option is only available in the game to get you to go to their Facebook page. This isn’t surprising considering all the hoops you gotta jump through just to get somewhere in this dang game.

The only things I found was info about new content and tons of posts trying to get you to through real money at this thing. It can’t be that hard to have a promo code up for something. 1000 gold maybe? It’s like every where I turn this app is trying to manipulate the daylights out of me. Ive been trying to build a stone block industrial building for 2 weeks now. When I complete the required quest it’s says I have to beat something else.

I’m hanging on until I can make that staff from daily bonuses and depending on how fabulous it is I’m probably done playing this thing. I’ve never played a game that drug on for this long make every little thing take massive loads of time. I bet they have all the drops limited to so you have do everything the amount of times they want you to.

Just recently they updated this thing say they got some great new content. What Tribez and Castlez failed to mention was they increased the cost for producing goods to a ridiculous amount. This thing was so fun in the beginning, but it seems like goals just keep getting further and further apart after every one you complete.

This is a good time killer though and the graphics are some good eye candy. If you don’t mind playing an app for a year or more then it’s not so bad. Maybe it’s because I grow up on consoles. I like to do some hardcore gaming with instant results. If you have any insight feel free to share it in the comments.

(Update) You can find promo codes here regularly every weekend.

(Update 2) Codes are only really good for a few extra gems. You can set the clock ahead on your android device to speed up everything. You don’t even need to change the day, just keep moving the hour ahead. This game just got tons of fun again and I should be done with it in a week not a year.

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