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There are 9 different WorldCraft 2 Animals that you may come across during gameplay. Below will go over what you will need to do to breed them and what items they may drop upon defeat. To breed animals you’ll have to feed 2 of the same type their favorite food when their standing next to each other. I personally like cloning live stock as it makes the worlds feel less empty which is the main thing these type of games lack. Plus, you’ll have enough stuff to eat so you’ll never go hungry again. It’s a good idea to not keep all that nutrition on you at all time so you don’t loose when you die somewhere and can’t get back to your drops in the 3 minute time limit.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

WorldCraft 2 Animals

Cat – Only for looks and currently does not drop anything and can not be breed.

Chicken – Make some baby chickens with wheat seeds, melon seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Drops feathers, raw chicken, and eggs.

Cow – Drops raw beef, steak, leather, and bucket of milk. Can also acquire milk if you use a Bucket on them. Milk is only useful for negating the effects of poison and does not fill health or food meter.

Dog – Just like the cat this animal is only for looks at the moment.

Horse – Requires wheat for breeding.

Pig – Feed seeds and wheat, Drops raw and cooked pork chops.

Sheep – Feed grass and wheat. Can harvest wool from them, but you’ll need shears.

Turkey – Might be cloned with plants, but not sure.

Wolf – Can not be breed and does not drop anything. Will become aggressive when you attack it and any surrounding wolves will also attack. May attack for no reason when you get too close sometimes.

WorldCraft 2 Animals Wolf Sheep Cow Dog Horse Pig Cat Chicken

Check back in the near future as the developers are supposed to be updating this thing with more content which will probably add new NPC’s and add feature to the existing ones.

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