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Right now it looks like there are zero WorldCraft 2 Cheats, but you can check out below for some things that may seem like cheats. Check back in the future for any new info as they could have something in the next update. If there is anything you will like to add feel free to share it in the comments.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

WorldCraft 2 Cheats

Flying – You can fly in Creative Mode, but you are restricted to a small space that’s not infinite like Survival Mode. To fly simple tap the button with wings in the bottom right corner then use the up and down arrows that are above and below it to raise and lower your height.

Unlimited Blocks – When playing in Creative Mode and Multiplayer you can choose from over 60 different blocks types to place with an unlimited supple. The down side is that placing and removing blocks is the only things you can do. There is no crafting or Mobs.

Avoiding Night – You can fast forward past the night cycle by using a Bed. The Bed is not an easy item to get a hold of at first though. You’ll need to get silk from spiders drops or use shears to get wool from sheep. If you do find a sheep you should fence it in so it doesn’t get lost or killed by monsters and surround the area with light so the bad guys can’t spawn in the fenced area.

Diamonds - You can only find Diamonds on the bottom 16 layers in vein sizes ranging from 2 to 10.

Mining Nothing – If you try to mine without a pickaxe or one that’s too low of grade like wood you will get nothing and waste the block.

Upside Down – If you play with your device upside down it looks like you walking on the ceiling.

Cow Level? – I hear somewhere there may be a secret cow level. Bad Joke?

WorldCraft 2 Cheats

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    If you made the worlcraft 3 please make a cheat.. to the players will enjoy the game


    Its good


    There should be cheats for world craft 1 and 2plss add cheats it would be more fun with cheats.

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