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WorldCraft 2 Creative ModeWorldCraft 2 Creative Mode is one of 2 different types of play, the other one is Survival Mode. In a Creative world you have a limited amount of space to build on with and infinite supply of over 60 different blocks and objects that you can place and build with. You can play offline by yourself or you can upload your map to WorldCraft 2 servers and build and create with friends or random people from around the world.

In Creative Mode there is no crafting, day/night cycle, Mobs, dying, weapons, armor, tools, or many blocks and objects that are found in Survival Mode. Your are basically given and infinite supply of over 60 different blocks that you can place and remove, that’s it. You don’t need any special tools to remove block, they are removed very quickly with your hands.

Each map you make can be uploaded and shared with others. You can allow people to edit your world or have a Read-Only that only you can edit. You can also assign a password so that only certain people can enter and edit.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

By selecting Multiplayer you can play other peoples map and edit them if allowed. when your done visiting someone elses area and try to exit you will have the chance to rate their map and download it so you can edit it on your own. After downloading someone elses creation you can re upload it under a different name and claim it as your own. Viewing other peoples creations is a great why to learn new ways to be creative when it comes to building and placing blocks. My personal favorite are hollowed out trees with ladders going up the side of the trunk.

Currently this mode is the only one that contains Water and Lava, but neither of them behave like liquid should and seems to still be in development stage.

WorldCraft 2 Creative Mode Blocks

WorldCraft 2 Multiplayer Creative

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    I downloaded this game but i chose dirt to fill in a hole i made an i cant get back to my hands, how tf do i get back to em


    Scusa ma cm faccio a rompere se nn escono i pugni


    I was wondering how I can make it dark in creative mode on WorldCraft. Because when I went to one guys map he had his map as a city at night because I looked up at the sky and it was all black. Can you tell me how I can make my creative map at night.

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