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WorldCraft 2 Diamond WorldCraft 2 Diamond can be found in layers 1-16 with up to 10 block veins. Diamonds make the best tools, weapons, and equipment in the game. They will still sustain damage with use and disappear after it’s max use, but will last longer than any other item in it’s class. The best things to us diamonds on are armor for maximum protection¬† and weapons for the strongest offense. Tools can be a bad choice for crafting as many lower level tools will get the job done just as easy and are more readily available.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.


Diamond has 2 forms Diamond Ore Ore and Diamond Ingot Ingot. Ore is found in the ground and must be mined out using a pick axe of iron or above. To get Ingot you have to place Ore in your Furnace with a fuel source like coal and wood.

You have to use and Iron or Diamond Pickaxe to remove Diamond Ore from it’s placement.

Located on the very bottom 16 layers. Easiest way to find them is to mine to bottom then count 16 blocks up.

Crafting Uses

Key: I = Ingot, S = Stick, A = Armor

Weapons – Sword 2I2S

Armor – Helmet A3 5I, Chestplate A8 8I, Leggings A6 6I, Boots A3 4I

Tools – Shovel 1I2S, Axe 3I2S, Pickaxe 3I2S, Hoe 2I2S

Other – Block of Diamond (9xIngot) for lossless storage.

Tips and Tricks

Dig to the very bottom then mine within the first 16 layers from the bottom for ore.

You can go in straight lines that go e, w, n, s for as long as your willing to travel on the lowest layers. This can be great as you’ll probably come across some large cavern loaded with goodies. It’s can also be better for navigating back to your items upon death when compared to dying on the surface. Long underground paths are usually much safer for travel then caves and open terrain.

Instead of digging a straight line you remove huge chunk and paths to really expose surrounding object. If you can hear monsters that means there is a cave system nearby.

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