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WorldCraft 2 Download FreeWorldCraft 2 Download Free from Google Play for Android and on iTunes for about $0.99 to use on iOS and iPhone. WorldCraft 2 is also called World of Cubes and is a lot like Minecraft. The developer seems to have many names for the same game making it more difficult for fans to find a content hub. You can find this game for many other platforms besides the ones listed below so use search engines to find what you need.

One of the neatest things to do is join others in building areas being creative and working together… kind of. Going through online maps created by other people and that are open to the public to edit are a great place to find creative new ways to build. Example: On one map I noticed a latter going up the side of a tree. When I climbed the ladder the tree was completely hollowed out with 2 floors and a place to look out at the top.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

The best aspect about this title is that its free, however there seems to be ads that pop up at fast intervals while connect to WiFi. Ads can be avoided while offline in single player mode by turning off you internet connection. Online play however has many ads with videos that make you watch the first 5 seconds or so. The fastest way to skip movie is to hit you home button, then re-enter app.

WorldCraft 2 Download Free

WorldCraft 2 Download Free from Google Play

WorldCraft 2 Download Free on iTunes

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