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WorldCraft 2 EatingWorldCraft 2 Eating must be done in order to survive. When your food indicator is 8 and above you will regain health while your food meter will decrease. Once your food meter is below 8 icons you will not recover any hearts.

Eating food items is the only way to regain health at the moment though some other means may become available in the next update. The steak meter will go down when you mine, fight, explore, and recover health.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

The easiest way to find edible items is to roam the surface just after the night cycle and collect rotten flesh drop by zombies who die from the sunlight. The next best way is to farm using seeds found from plants on the surface. You don’t need any Water to grow crops, just use a hoe on some dirt and drop your seed in the plowed ground.

WorldCraft 2 Horse Food

Thankfully food isn’t something your going to need to do often unless your taking a lot of damage. while exploring and mining your meter wont decrease that fast giving you time to enjoy the world around you. A good tip is to not always carry a whole bunch of food with you and store most of it safely in a chest. This will help you keep a good supply of rations when you die some and can get back to the death point within the 3 minute limit. You should always try to unload your most valuable content often so you don’t waste all your hard work. A good example would be roaming the surface and falling in large holes on accident or standing too close to an edge trying to good a better look, this has happened to me multiple time. Curiosity killed the cat and the WorldCraft 2 player so be vigilant.

Obviously, the more health the food type the more of your meter it will fill up. This puts Rotten Flesh at the bottom of the list and a big fat steak right there at the top. I prefer to breed myself as its fun and makes the world seem less empty which is the number 1 reason I usually quit playing these type of game. It’s true what they say, once you go Multiplayer you don’t go back or at least feel the pain when you do.

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