Jul 262014

You can get WorldCraft 2 for Mac by using a program called BlueStacks. Though it used to be free it will randomly ask yo to pay a yearly fee or download 4 random apps of their choosing which is kind of a pain in the butt sometimes considering there usually really bad games with low quality. Unfortunately, this is the only option you have to get this app working on your Mac and PC.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

It get worse, the developers have left out any sort of control for the desktop users and you have to move and look around separately. That is you can’t do both at the same time unless you has 2 mouse working at the same time. Maybe in the next update they will add controls, but until then you much better off play other games that resemble this one.

If you hungry for creating something you can try out their new title called Planet of Cubes which is an online version where everyone can edit a very large world with the exact same blocks as WorldCraft 2. It’s designed to be a more open multiplier experience though the world seems to very full of other peoples creation and messes. My guess is that there going to have to add more map because your going to find it hard to locate new land to create on. The plus side is that you can always delete what someone has made to make room for something new. The downside to that is removing blocks can be a very slow process as they seem to have done this on purpose to help prevent folks from wrecking people hard work.

This seems to be the best free option available on Android to create block worlds and explore in a survival type environment. Hopefully they come out with some big updates with lots of contents and added features soon as it seems to by the only thing missing.

WorldCraft 2 for Mac

WorldCraft 2 BlueStacks

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