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WorldCraft 2 FurnaceA WorldCraft 2 Furnace is a utility block that is used to turn ore into ingots using a fuel source like wood and coal. You can also use it to cook food like meat that drops from cows and horses. In order to make one you’ll need 8 Cobblestone and a Workbench.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.


Once you place items in your furnace for processing you can walk away to do some exploring or whatever and  it will do it’s thing all by it’s self. Assuming you have put in enough fuel to get the job done.

There are many other things that can be used for fuel beside wood and coal which burns the longest. Basically anything that is made out of wood will work. If you not sure you can see what is available in the left area when you select the fuel box.

Only works in Survivor Mode and not in Creative Mode which is a little on the bummer side.

When items are done you’ll have to tap them to add them to you inventory.

When it’s in use you can see flame in the front and it will light up.

WorldCraft 2 Furnace In Use

Making A Furnace

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    I hope in the next update will be added the lamb meat too!


    Where can you find cobble stone


    You can find cobblestone anywhere underground, just dig a hole in your house until you see a grey block then mine that.

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