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WorldCraft 2 GameplayBelow are various WorldCraft 2 Gameplay YouTube videos. WorldCraft 2 plays a lot like Minecraft and has many similar features. Things that would set it apart would be different graphics, enemies, landscape look, mobile multiplayer with chat, and it’s free.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

Single Player Gameplay

Single Player mode can be played offline which will also remove ads. You can choose between Survival with it’s infinite map space or Creative which allows you to share small areas with the world and they can build with you to.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Online consist of worlds that everyone can edit, ones that need passwords, and READ-ONLY’s which are finalized upon upload and can never be edited again. You also have the option to download any of the online player made map, edit it as you see fit, then upload and rename for your own to share.

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