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WorldCraft 2 GoldWorldCraft 2 Gold is a rare ore found about midway to the deepest parts of a world. It must first be made into ingots at a furnace before you can make tools and equipment from it.

This block can be hard to locate and is often by itself and not pair with other ore. You can mine it with a pickaxe of Iron and above.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.


A Gold Pickaxe will mine ore better than a diamond, but will not last as long and break sooner making it’s longevity a little on the wimpy side. Since and Iron Pickaxe can mine all ore and is much more accessible iron is a more cost efficient choice for mining.

Easiest place to find Gold ore is in caves and caverns. A good way to find large caves is to ,roam the surface or dig a whole downward, then make tunnels in each direction and you will eventually find one.

Armor gives less protection than Iron and Diamond, but more than leather.

WorldCraft 2 Gold Tools and Weapons

WorldCraft 2 Gold Armor

WorldCraft 2 Gold Ingot

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    I think the saying “Gold is better than Iron”
    in Worldcraft 2 changed in “Iron is better than GOLD ???”
    I tink in this point of the game the creator haved some problems with understanding wich metal is better…


    I hope there will be some new updatings about the “Armor Crafting”


    it’s more realistic iron IS stronger in real life


    Metal is better than gold guys. Because gold is spongy when you touch it but, i think the creator thinks the gold is not pure at all.

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