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WorldCraft 2 Guide WikiA WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki with info on various features of the game. WorldCraft 2 is a Minecraft clone that runs very well on mobile devices. Developed by slabs you will find new twists with mob types and controls. You are able to strike bad guys from a pretty long distance with melee weapons making fight fun and easy much of the time. Many similar features exist including crafting items from resources you gather whether its wood, stone, Gold, or Diamonds. The best thing is that it’s 100% free and runs great.

This game has online multiplayer that lets you create areas so others can join to see, help build, and explore your creations. You also have a Survival Mode where you start with nothing then try to live on the land. Every world you make is randomly generated and goes on endlessly for ever. You can download it for free on Google Play or iTunes. They also have a new app out called Planet of Cubes which is a MMO with a massive world to build in with people from around the world.




Water Water
Lava Lava



Survival Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Help

Right away you should mark your starting point and keep in mind where it’s at. If you stray to far from it and die without using a Bed to reset your location you may have a very hard time finding your drops. Best thing to do is dig a hole at the start or leave a trail by stacking dirt high with torches.

When night sets in the best thing you can do is dig into a wall, then close it behind you with dirt or stone not a door which can be broken down. Using the first few hours of light during a new game to find surface Coal is ideal for making torches right away. While hunting for stone and or it’s a good idea to be gathering lots of wood.

I can be a good idea to dig a hole downward like stairs to find ore deposits for making the highest quality armor, weapons, and tools you can. After gearing up you should have lots of health and food/eating to hunt and finding Water.

When thinking about making a permanent residence it a good idea to live some where close to Water and places with natural sources of food/eating. This will make surviving and planting crops a viable option for Survival.

Keep a Bed in your inventory while traveling so you can us it to get ride of the night and it’s dangers. This can be difficult to achieve when mobs are around so some time this trick won’t always get you out of trouble.

Mobs can spawn in dark areas so keep your homes and living areas well lit with torches and jack “o” lanterns which give of more light.

When digging under ground you can often find Iron grouped with Coal, but you may need to dig a little to find it.

Build walls around NPC’s that produce products like milk and wool. This will keep the animals from roaming to a hard to find location.

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    how do i download this and can this website awnser my questions i dont tink it does and its very helpful i dont know how to even download this


    You just need to go on PlayStore and search Worldcraft 2 then start your download


    you can download this game on google play store if u have an android phone. search WORLDCRAFT.
    you can download it on the apple store if u have an iPhone. search WORLD OF CUBES. :-)


    How can you dye wool on survival mode? i keep trying everything and looking everywhere but i can’t find it out :(



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