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WorldCraft 2 IronWorldCraft 2 Iron is an abundant resource that you can often find grouped next to coal. Must be made into ingots at a furnace before you can use it to make items. Probably the most useful resource as it’s easy to find and make good quality equipment. Can also be made in to Iron Block which allow for losses storage.

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You can find Iron ore everywhere including the surface and deepest parts of a world.

An easy way to get iron fast is to search the surface for caves which are usually loaded with it. Make sure to mark your location so you don’t get lost.


Can be mined with a Stone pickaxe and above.

Should be used to make armor as soon as possible for maximized survivability since it’s armor rating is just below diamond.

Most cost effective material for making weapons, armor, and tools because of it’s easy availability.

Use Iron Ingots at a furnace to produce all available materials.

WorldCraft 2 Iron Weapons and Tools

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