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WorldCraft 2 Mobs can be passive or aggressive when approached. Passive mobs will not attack or run unless provoked and many can be used to gather certain items from killing them or from tools like shears and Buckets. You can also mate some of them by feeding 2 of the same type while there next to each other. Aggressive enemies will attack on sight and should be avoided unless your ready for a fight.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

Passive Mobs

Cat Cat – Only for looks and are currently not tameable. They will also not eat anything either though milk would be a good choice.



Chicken Chicken – Small enough to fit through a block size hole. Currently babies and adults have the same size head making the young ones look quit comical. Will walk around regardless of Water of cliffs, but does not sustain fall damage due to wings. Lays eggs every 7.5 minutes. They can be breed with and lead around with seeds. Choose light environments over dark ones and will always go towards the light.

CowCow – Will follow wheat which can be used to coral the beast. Can disappear at night even when fenced in, some people say it’s a glitch and other say there getting eaten by Zombies and Pumpkin Heads. If you want to make some cow babies have 2 stand next to each other and feed them both. Within a very short time you’ll have a new addition to the family. When killed drops Beef, Steak, Bucket of Milk, and Leather.

DogDog – Exactly like the Cat as in it’s only for looks. Can not be tamed or mated.



HorseHorse – Can be controlled and bread with wheat or grass. Can not be used for transportation or for a plowing tool. Drops Leather when defeated.


PigPig – Eats seeds and grass and drops Raw pork chop and Cooked pork chop.


SheepSheep – Use shear to gather Wool which is also drops among defeat. Likes to much down on grass and wheat, yum!



TurkeyTurkey – Can drop raw chicken and not sure what else. Besides looking cute as a button it doesn’t serve much use.



WolfWolf – When it’s not attacking you will wonder around minding it’s own business. If you strike a Wolf you will end up having to battle the whole pack and any others in the vicinity. Sometime they will attack you randomly without bothering them.


Aggressive Mobs

Pumpkin HeadPumpkin Head – Can be seen easily at night and can spawn more by throwing its head. Drops Pumpkin Heads that can be used as a better light source when you add a torch or equip it for vanity and to stop other Heads from attacking you. Can be very hard to dodge incoming attacks while in close range. Found on the surface at night and in dark caves caves.

SpiderSpider – Drops Eyes and Silk which you’ll need 12 of to make a Bed. Can follow you over long distances if you die and re spawn somewhere else. Can crawl through a 2 wide block space, but not 1.


WolfWolf – Same as above.



ZombieZombie – Drops Rotten Flesh when can be used to recover health and foods. Can be easy to defeat alone, but hard in packs due to the slower damage cooldown rate not letting you harm them rapidly. You can search the surface in the morning for tons of Rotten Flesh laying around from them dying in the sunlight.

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    they should add a rain mod


    can you add creepers and ender men please


    Can somebody tell me why the IRON armour pieces is better than GOLD armour pieces ???


    The pumpkin head appers during daylight too. Its VERY annoying trying to past it. And it doesn’t burn… They should fix that


    Scusate posso addomesticare cavalli ,come?


    How do you get to the nether? I saw netherrack in the creative mode inventory.


    as feeds an animal?


    They should add a peaceful mode because im trying to build a massive barn for animals but pumpkin heads keep hitting me. (BTW) Cows don’t just dissapear, its the pumpkin heads! They hit them until they die.


    I like the app but the need to tell us were the spiders are


    What the spider eyes for


    Is there something the spider eyes can be used for other than poisoning yourself?

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