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WorldCraft 2 MultiplayerWorldCraft 2 Multiplayer is an online option that lets you share areas you created with people from around the world. You can have areas where it’s free for everyone to build or ones that need a password, but are still visible to every one. Each map has it’s own rating system letting visitors like or dislike the current multiplayer area. You get the option to save someone elses map when you exit it, now open it in single player to play offline or change then re-upload under different name.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

The only downfall when it comes to playing online is the annoying ads that blare with sound when exploring single and online play. You can turn adds off completely for single player if you switch off the WiFi on your device while playing. While online the quickest way to cancel a video ad is to exit to your home screen, then select the app icon again to re-enter the game. Otherwise, all videos will have a timer making you watch the first 5 seconds or so before you can skip it. Some ads are picture and can be skipped right away by using the back button.

Making Seeds/Rooms

The easiest way to create a new seed/room is to do so in the online main menu. You can assign a password so only privileged people can build or you can choose READ-ONLY which makes it uneditable be everyone forever, you can save an online creation when leaving a visited area make you own changes, then re-upload be a different name.

You can also make your own room by first creating a single player map with creative map type. Now, when you select a single player map you will have the option to upload and name it again.

Multiplayer Seeds/Rooms

You can find specific rooms by using the search function. Below is a list of maps that I have created and are open for everyone to edit.


PlayTru – Has a large cave system with many trees on the surface.

Flat Worlds

PlaytTru2 – A completely flat surface without any trees. The ground is solid and it doesn’t have any caverns or explorable areas.

Predefined Worlds

PlayTru3 – Has lava, ice, snow, water, trees, and grass on the surface.

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    I play on worldcraft 2 and when i want to play on multiplayer sometimes they say me that i need a password and a dont have anyone


    how to play?

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