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You can play WorldCraft 2 Online by selecting Multiplayer from the main menu. Once you in the online menu you can choose from several different types of maps. You can also upload your own Creative Mode maps to show off or let other people from around the world edit. All online maps can be downloaded to be edited or played offline. You can then re-upload and share with others. You can also choose to like or dislike something which will raise or lower it on the open game lists.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

It can be difficult to find a map that is publicly editable, but if you keep scrolling down on the available maps to play you can usually find them pretty easily.

Read-Only – These areas can only be explored and are usually large, detailed, and theme related. When exiting you will be given the option to download the map to edit how you like then upload again under a different name. You can then choose to make it Read-Only again or let people edit it.

Password – You must know the password to enter these maps and there good for private groups. You will be asked it when trying to enter and if you don’t have one you won’t be able to enter.

Search – If you know the name of an area you can search for it by selecting this at the bottom of the Multiplayer menu. I’ve notice that sometime when you upload a creation it might delete itself for some reason. Re-uploading it seems to fix the problem.

Refresh – This will refresh the lists of available places you can explore or edit. Don’t expect the selection to change too much when using this option. Scrolling down on the list is the best way to find some thing different or what your looking for if it isn’t on top.

Cancel – This will back you out of the Multiplayer area and back to the main menu where you can select a single player game and game options.

WorldCraft 2 Online

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