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WorldCraft 2 PCA WorldCraft 2 PC version is not available however you can play many Android apps on your PC and Mac by installing BlueStacks on your computer. It turns your desktop and laptop into a mobile device so you can use apps and games like you would a smart phone or tablet. For now the program is free though there is word of a payed option once it reaches a certain quality. This program is called an emulator and so far its the only one that words for mobile games.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

After doing the above WorldCraft 2 on the PC looks really nice though the developer has left out control options for keyboards. You can still play, but it will be like having only 1 finger to do all the word. This makes turning and looking around impossible while moving, a mouse pointer for each hand would fix the problem. Sometimes the close rang graphics will turn white making you have to reload. Other than that everything things seems to work fine while using emulation. Playing on a bigger screen is a definite plus.

WorldCraft 2 PC Creative ModeLately, many games are gearing more for personal computer play with built in controls for your keyboard. Before, some games worked well but has no option for controls rendering it unplayable. Now, you will usually get some kind of pop up menu showing how to control the game with your keyboard.

The barrier between mobile and desktop seems to be fading fast at this point in history. I look forward to a day where we have massively powerful mobile computers that never run out of energy or at least run on water or something super cheap.

When looking for PC versions of Android App in the search engine you should be extremely careful of misleading download websites. Since there usually is a port available may of the top search results will be spam trying to get you to download and install small files. If you look closely, a picture may be available with words, but the small prints say you about to install something that could be potentially harmful for your software.

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