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WorldCraft 2 ReviewThis is a WorldCraft 2 Review with a ton of insight into this app and others the have been made by the developer. First off this game resembles Minecraft in many ways including play style, graphics, and physics. Though there seems to be many things needed the free price tag makes this app appealing to though looking for something to do.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

There are 2 different types of gameplay currently:

Survival - In this mode you will start out with nothing and have to start gathering different resources for tools and equipment that will increase survivability. One of the first things you going to want to do is find or build shelter because when night falls there are going to be a lot of monster looking to end you. The best and quickest way to find shelter is to dig a hole in the ground or into the side of a hill. Keep in mind your going to want to find some Coal first so you can make some torches that will let you see in the dark when you do hide out from the night dangers.

In the beginning it’s best to use actual blocks of dirt or stone for a door as the zombies always seem to find their way through them. If you are kill be enemies or from fall damage you will be teleported back to your starting point or where you slept in a Bed last. It’s important to keep track of where you go in the beginning because if you die you might not be able to find your drops in time and end up loosing all you hard earned items. Some terrains are easy to find your way around while following the sun is a good way to kind of lay bread crumbs.

You can travel forever in this infinite environment that goes on forever or at least far enough where a human will never reach the end.

Creative - This mode will let you create thing with an inventory of all the blocks in Survival and some that are not yet available like Water and Lava. You can fly any time you want to get from point A to B much faster than walking. You also will not suffer any fall damage no mater how far you fall from. Unlike the infinite distance you have in Survival you are restricted to a pretty small space for creating and molding your land scape. This is because you have the option to upload your map so other people from around the world can view it or help you build thing in it.

Though you are able to place liquid blocks they don’t react like a they should in real life and are just simple blocks that let you pass through them. Making things more realistic and adding more feature is planned for the next update, but I have no idea when that might by. Instead of an update the developers have recently released another title that has the exact same blocks and is online only. I’m assuming when they do decide to add new content they will be adding it to all of their apps, hopefully.

Below are some notable game features that can keep you entertained for hours:

WorldCraft 2 WorkbenchCrafting – This will probably be one of your main focuses which involves searching and harvesting different material so you can craft shelter, weapons, armor, tools, farm land, and what ever else you can think up. You have you basic ingredients like dirt, stone, and wood. Then you have you ores which include Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Coal which isn’t an ore but is a great fuel source for turning your valuable metals into Ingots so you can make better protection, weapons to defend yourself, and better tools to mine and craft better items.

To create most things your going to needs certain stations to do so. At your disposable you have a Workbench and a Furnace as well as the ability to make simple things on the go like torches without the need for a crafting station. When making Ingots you can leave the Furnace to do all the work after you place your material and fuel source which can save lots of time by multitasking.

Mining – The most abundant resources besides dirt and wood are coal, iron, gold, than diamond. The absolute best and fast way to obtain ore is to roam the surface for large caves that can go on for very long distances. Inside you’ll find a load of goodies without having to dig hole all over the place. Diamond is the only resources that requires your to be at a certain ground level in order to obtain. The only place you can find the stuff is on the very bottom 16 levels. Since there isn’t any water or lava yet in Survival mode you can relax while you dig for resources and a low depth without risk of ding from hot red goo or drowning out your path with H2O. The only real threat would be monster that spawn in the dark though they can usually be heard from a good distance and be completely avoided.

ChickenBreeding – There are 9 different animal in WorldCraft 2 and only 7 of them are breedable. In order to make clone you’ll have to feed a particular beast their favorite food while 2 of the same kind are standing next to each other. As easy as this sounds it can be difficult to find two of the sane type let alone getting them close enough together in order to duplicate them. Luckily you able to lure them with their favorite food so you can trap them inside a fenced are where they will remain until you can find them a mate. This can be a great source of foods and other items whether your slaughtering them or using shears for wool.

Farming – Since there isn’t any water in the game farming couldn’t be any easier. Just plow some dirt with a hoe and throw a seeds in it, not H2O required. Finding a variety of plant can by trick sometime as there not that abundant and your probably find yourself traveling a long ways to get what you need. Once you have it though you can grow an unlimited supply making life all the better.

Pumpkin HeadMobs – Their are 4 different enemies in the game currently with the wolf usually being passive until attacked though it’s been know to come after you for no reason at all. When you do start trouble with the wolf you’ll have to take on the whole pack so keep an eye out cause those little booger can come from anywhere. Spiders are the only source for Silk which is an alternative to wool when trying to make a bad. Zombies are a great early source for food as they will drop Rotten Flesh that doesn’t seem very edible, but seems to get the job done. If you travel around on the surface just after the night cycle you can usually find more than enough Rotten Flesh just lying around from Zombies dying in the morning light. Pumpkin Heads can be difficult to defeat without taking damage as their range attack is hard to dodge when your in close range.

When fight one or many bad guys it can be extremely easy to defeat them without taking damage due to a large attack reach letting you inflict damage from a safe distance. Keep in mid also that you are not defenseless even without a weapon. So when you have incoming threats you don’t have to turn and retreat you can use whatever you have in your hand to whoop some butt.

Online & Multiplayer – This has to be one of the neatest features as you can build and create with people from around the globe. If you not interested in have folks help you out or potential destroy your creation you can make your map Read-Only which only lets people view it and not edit. You can also put a password on your bay so only select individuals have access.

They have taken things a step further by letting you download a particular map that you played online so that you can edit and change it offline and then re-upload under a different name and claim it for you own.

Playing with people online is a great way to get new ideas for creating things and lets you think out of the box a little. One of my personal favorites would be when I found a ladder going up the side of a tree. When I climbed up it I found that the whole tree had been hollowed out and had 2 floors with a wonderful balcony at the top. It blow me away and is probably one of the most creative things I’ve seen so far besides the massive creations of Mansions and Pirate ships which would take me forever to build.

There is also a nice Chat window that lets you communicate with others potentially making some new friend and helping direct builders on a big project.

Final Note – Besides lacking features and having a lot more contents that needs to be implemented WorldCraft 2 is a must play for anyone who is a block building fan. That fact that it’s free is another appealing aspect giving the broke individual something to do. The most impressive feature is the ability to share and build with people from around the world and taking other folks creations so you can explore them offline.

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    What are the foods because I have been playing for a while and I can’t feed them at all. And when you go to update and water to survival and add MORE BLOCKS and I think you should add fence.


      i think that they should add a fence to because I herded a cow into a dirt barn I made and I have some bails and I don’t know how to feed him and he is dying. I had a pig and horse too but they died too!!!!!! :*(


    I put a world online and when I try to place something it tells me I don’t have permission for thus area how do I place stuff without it saying that?

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