Sep 222014

WorldCraft 2 SandIf your looking for some WorldCraft 2 Sand your out of luck. So far sand is one of many things yet to be added to this app and no blocks have real physics at the moment. The developer does mention many things in the next update so keep an eye out.

Sand is a very important item that can have many different combinations when it comes to crafting. It also look really good and natural next to water. Many blocks resemble sand though they are not.

With time hopefully they add this feature. Today, when trying to play WorldCraft 2 the online features are not working. When I went online and searched for the app it was no longer available on Google Play. I hope it wasn’t taken down for being too addictive like other apps have been in the past.

I case the above is the case you can check out their other title called Planet of Cubes that is an online only game. The amount of space you have to build in with other people is considerable larger than in WorldCraft 2, but there is no survival just building with your buddies.

You might want to check back here in the near future as we will update our post with any new information regarding sand among other features that seem to be in the mix to be released hopefully soon. In the mean time you’ll just a to be extra creative with the blocks you have and the many more that are just for looky when playing online.

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    I like the game but why doesn’t work on tables


    Do you think he took it down to update it? I still have it downloaded and can play it but I’m just wondering why he took it down?


    I found sand in underground caves, and sometimes in the caves, it’s yellow to pale yellow, can dig with everything

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