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WorldCraft 2 SkinsWorldCraft 2 Skins are different character looks that can be changed on the starting menu. There are 13 male and 11 female varieties that are all unlocked from the beginning of play for free. You cannot change your Skin while you are playing single or multiplayer, it must be from the main menu just after the game loads up.

Skins don’t give you any benefit so wearing them is purely for vanity and can help people find you. While playing offline your armor will cover it up. Online it will always be visible, this can be important for chatting purposes. There seems to be a growing number of folks who are hoping for some kind of custom feature so you can find your friends easier and to give he game a true world creating feel.

Some fun things to do could be naming your guy CIA or FBI, then run around telling people to put their hands behind their heads and back up slowly. You can be a Zombie and follow people around saying “BRAINS”. My personal favorite is going over to where people are building and quickly build a nice addition while there not looking. Bam, suddenly they have a library with sleeping area and overhead storage. If you really want to have fun dig a tunnel under where someone is working on the surface and create some shocking thing just under where their building, then dig out their floor to show them, surprise! Another good tactic is making a tower straight up then making structures and designs in the sky. One of the most creative things I have seen was a ladder going up the side of a tree that was hollowed out with 2 floors and a balcony.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

WorldCraft 2 Skins

These are all 24 of the current skins that are available. Customization is a possible feature in a future update.

ZombieZombie VictoriaVictoria Vanessa VanessaVampire VampireTuxTux Sensei SenseiRoboRobo RedRedRachelRachel Queen QueenPiratePirate MilitaryMilitaryMaryMary Lily LilyKing KingJessicaJessicaJennifer JenniferFlashFlash Emily EmilyEagleeyeEagleeyeCarolineCaroline Diana DianaCop CopBeeBee

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    they should add Steve skin from minecraft


    Hahaha! You’re right. That was really a good idea! ;-)


    My skin is diana


    The robot skin is just like ROBOCOP .


    they need to like let u make ur own skins


    How do you change your skin?

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