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WorldCraft 2 SurvivalWorldCraft 2 Survival is one of 2 modes of play, the other one being Creative Mode. When in a Survival map your can explore a world that goes on forever and craft different items, equipment, and tools with various material found above and below ground. When it get’s dark Mobs will come out and if they see you they will attack so it’s a good idea to dig a hole or find a cave for shelter.

This is the only mode with Mobs, crafting, day/night cycles, farming, and infinite map size. So far it looks like there is not Water or Lava, but they should show up in a future update. You don’t need Water to grow crops. Just plow the ground with a hoe, drop a seed in, and give it sun or torch light to grow.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

First Steps

1. The absolute first thing you want to do is harvest some wood and find some Coal on the surface or in a cave to make torches. This will allow you to light up your shelter when it get’s dark out which won’t be to long after you start a new map.

2. Find shelter so you can protect yourself from the night dangers. The easiest thing to do is dig a small hole in the ground or the side of a hill then close the hole behind you. It’s more secure to use blocks as a door instead of actual doors as monsters always seem to find their way through doors.

3. You are not defenseless and attacking enemies with your fists or any other none weapon object will still do a good amount of damage and you can strike from a very safe distance. Pumpkin heads should be avoided in the beginning especially if their in groups. Their long range quick firing shots are hard to dodge and almost guaranteed to hit you when you in close range.

4. When you mine and fight you will loose energy. When your food icons drop below 8 you will not be able to heal. The easiest place to find food is roaming the surface after dawn when all the zombies have died from sunlight and drop rotten flesh. You can also get food from plants and different animal found on the surface.

5. Make weapons and armor out of Iron as soon as you find some. This will dramatically improve you survivability. Iron is fairly common and found the easiest in caves. It is just below Diamond in defense and much more abundant so suit up early to live longer.

When you run out of heart from taking to much damage or running out of food you will drop all the item on your person and re-spawn either at you original starting point or where you used your Bed last. It’s a good idea to always know where you are in the beginning because if you die you might not be able to find your drops before they disappear. Following the sun is a good marker or you could leave behind blocks like bread crumbs.

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    I have found blocks with black round objects in them I mine them and can’t pick anything up same with stone what am I doing wrong or what can I do to fix this?


    you must make a pickaxe


    Wher can I find some sand


    How do you put on armor


    where do you get sand and if you can then can you smelt it to make glass???


    how do you find diamonds and gold?


    Hi, this helped me a lot! But how can I make torches in such a short time? A zombie broke down my door….


    How do u find sand and make glass? Cause i flipping need glass ! And how do u flipping make charcoal ? Help me !!!!!

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