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WorldCraft 2 SurvivalWorldCraft 2 Survival mode is a single player game type where you start with nothing. You have to harvest wood and gather other items to build equipment, tools, and shelter. This game is very similar to Minecraft. When you run out of hearts you will drop all your items and equipment , then re-spawn to where you used your Bed last or your initial starting point.

The distance you can travel is unlimited in the directions of east, west, north, and south. If you go up and down you will eventually be stopped be a ceiling and floor.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

Survival Guide

1. Make sure you don’t stray to far from your starting point without knowing where you are. If you die, you might not be able to find your drops when you re-spawn. You should mark your spot with dirt and make dirt towers as breadcrumbs so you can find you way back to a place you may have settled or died.

2. You can easily find large surface openings leading into large to massive underground caverns. These places are filthy rich with ore and or much better for mining than digging holes downward. Mobs will not spawn in the light so just make you way slowly through them placing torches as you go to light up the entire place.

3. Food/Eating – Zombies drop Rotten Flesh that will restore about 3 food icons. In the morning after the sunlight has killed them all you can walk the surface and recover large amounts of Rotten Flesh.

4. Doors are good for speedy entry and exit, but using dirt and stone block are 100% secure. This is extra useful in the beginning when your desperate for shelter.

5. Fighting – You are not defenseless without weapons. You character can dish out good damage with their fists. When your taking consistent damage fight is better than flight. Attack range with melee weapons is further than what would be realistic making taking down mobs relaxing.

6. Armor - Iron can be found in abundance and produces the 2nd best armor. This should be done early to maximize survival. Chest and legs are a better value then boots and helms.

7. Mobs – Spiders are fast and can stay on you no matter where you run to. If you are killed they can continue to pursue you at your new spawn location. They can however be taken down fast with fists or weapons.

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    they should add a creeper


    I believe my Worldcraft 2 survival mode is not working properly because when I have perished but, then I respawn my house is completely erased and anything else that I have built. Just think it needs to be fixed and quickly.

    Professionally Yours

    M. Schmied


    Hey Is Rotten Flesh Is Good For Eating Because When I Ate That Thing My Hunger Began To LOW


    thnx……but i need help on 1 thing…and that was the punkin heads…i can go out side and survive even if the zombies are out there but the stupid punkin heads are always throwing there heads at me and i always die and loose all my leather punkin heads beef and all my other stuff please add on here how to survive them would really help…thnx….


    I can’t eat rotten flesh!!!

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