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Here are some WorldCraft 2 Tips to help you out along the way.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

WorldCraft 2 Tips

WorldCraft 2 TipsShelter – You should make or find some kind of shelter before the first night and to protect you from bad guy that aren’t killed by the sun light. The easiest place to find somewhere save is to just dig a hole in the side of a hill or a hole in the ground.

Doors – It seems like it doesn’t mater if it’s a wood or Iron door the monsters still find a way through it. I’ve found that the best thing to use to close the gap in a doorway is dirt, stone, and other solid blocks.

Fighting – You are not defenseless and can do a reasonable amount of damage with your bare fist and other non weapon items. Combine this with the long attack reach you have the only enemies that should give you a problem are Pumpkin Head because of their fast long range attack.

Water & Lava – Apparently these to blocks are only available in Creative Mode though there are rumor you can get Water by cutting grass with a Bucket and you might be able to find it underground. These are rumors online and not yet verified.

Weapons & ArmorIron is the next best thing to make armor and weapons when compared with DiamondsIron is also very easy to find so making equipment out of it early is a good idea for better survivability.

Diamonds - These are found on the bottom 16 layers and are in 2 to 10 block veins. You can mine it with an Iron Pickaxe or above.

Eating - The easiest way to find food in the beginning is to roam the surface after dark and pick up all the rotten flesh from Zombies killed by sunlight. There is usually a very large amount just laying around.

Farming – You don’t need and Water to grow crops, just light. Places torches by your plants if you want them to grow at night or underground. The sun will make them grow during the day if you plant on the surface.

Bed - A Bed can be made with silk drops from spiders and wool from sheep by using shears. When you sleep in a Bed you will turn night into day and change you re-spawn location to a random place around where you slept.

Breeding – You can get to Animals to have a baby if you feed them their favorite food when they are next to each other.

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