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WorldCraft 2 TNTWorldCraft 2 TNT is only available in Creative Mode and so far it seems like there is no way to blow it up. I’ve tried placing torches and other heat sources on and around it with nothing happening. There is also no flint or fire starting tools available yet. It’s sounds like the developers are planning on making it explosive in the next update.

Until then it looks to be just a decoration, though you probably stress the heck out of someone building online who doesn’t know if you started piling TNT boxes around their creation. This is kind of puts things into perspective as you could easily ruin someones hard work very quickly with a few TNT. I suppose they would have to put in some kind of lock preventing this kind of destructive behavior.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.

WorldCraft 2 TNT No Blow

WorldCraft 2 TNT Creative Mode

Be sure to check back in the near future for any updated information as the developers are suppose to be planning some big update that would add lots of well needed content. I’m not sure they realize that the difference between this game being great and being a legend would be the amount of thing that you could do in it. How hard could it be to whip up a few more Mobs along with a bunch of new blocks? Probably not that difficult. The absolute best thing that they could do is add some new and refreshing content that nobody has seen before like building a rocket that goes to the moon and other planets or a teleporter for fast easy travel. Some missions or goals would also be a good change. Maybe coming across some random built castle or dungeons that could look new or ancient and could contain unique monster and items. All this talk makes me want to go make an android game.

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