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WorldCraft 2 WaterSo far,  it seems the only place to find WorldCraft 2 Water is in Creative Mode where it is only a placeable block and nothing more. Ive heard that the developer has specifically mentioned that there is not any water or Lava in Survival Mode yet, but this may be incorrect. People online though have said they have found H2O which you need a Bucket to harvest and place.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.


Yo do not need any water to grow crops, only light from the sun and torches to grow at night. Just plow some ground with a hoe and drop a seed in it.

H2O in Creative Mode looks and behaves just like a solid block. There is no liquid like movement or flow when placing it or removing blocks around it. This could be a clue telling us that it’s just not in the game yet.

Unverified Rumors

Some people clam you can acquire water by cutting grass with a Bucket. Personally I haven’t been unable to find grass though there is lots of talk about it being used to breed so it has to be out there somewhere.

Others claim that it’s just very hard to find. It must be very hard to find cause I have never seen it. You’d think that if there was water that it wouldn’t be scarce and would be required to grow things. You always have hope though which gives you something to keep going.

Some say it’s found underground easier than above which doesn’t really make sense to me, but who knows.

I’m definitely not sure how trust worthy the people are who claim the above but there probably all a joke of some kind poking fun at the unsuspecting gamer which is kind of funny if you think about it. Be prepare to have the “I want my life back feeling”.

WorldCraft 2 Water In Creative Mode

WorldCraft 2 Water In Creative Mode 2

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