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WorldCraft 2 WorkbenchThe WorldCraft 2 Workbench is a must have and you should make it as soon as possible because with it you’ll be able to make almost every item in the game, assuming you have the materials to craft it. Some of the most important thing you can make at this crafting station are Weapons, Armor, and most of all tools that will lets you mine, harvest, and farm the world around you.

To make a Workbench all you need are 4 Wood Planks that are made from any wood that you acquire by chopping down trees with tools or you bare hands.

Check out the WorldCraft 2 Guide Wiki for more info.


Can not be used in creative mode, only in Survivor Mode.

Can be handy to bring one with you in case you fall in a hole or get lost and need to produce some type of item. Happened to me multiple times.

To use after making just place in the world like you would any other object and then tap on it once it’s place. You’ll need to have all the ingredients to produce any of the listed items available for crafting.

There are no special effect when you operate the workbench like the furnace which lights up when crafting.

Must make this to produce pickaxes because mining without a pickaxe will result in you wasting whatever ore you were mining as it wont drop anything when mined with bare hands and other tools.

WorldCraft 2 Placed Workbench

WorldCraft 2 Workbench Menu

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